Love beyond Ranks

“My luck kind of great. I finally found you. No! you presented yourself to me like a prey coming to its predator den. Amazing right?” he drew his eyebrows up, asking with his beautiful lips that had a playful smirk. Lydia responded in silence. She had no idea what this man was going on about. Rumbling some nonsense or maybe something similar. All she could think about was to get his permission to live in his house for three months to carry out her plan. ‘Please don’t see through my disguise and you can talk whatever you want.’ She only prayed for it. Hiding her gender and pretending to be a man. It was frightening to keep that business smile on her face while the surrounding was so cold. After all, she was in front of a ‘S ranker’ who could snap her neck like mincing mud without giving any shit. “Hmm?” he gazed the girl standing in front of him from up to down. “Haha… I will do my absolutely best to serve you, master,” awkward smile tiring her face but successfully she completed what she needed to say. Ethan smirked. He leaned back on the chair, the sharp silver earing glinting back, the blue sapphire looked pretty and cold as his eyes. “How?” “Ha?” Lydia tilted her head slightly in confusion. “How are you going to serve me? There are many possible ways. If my mother has sent you to work, I guess you know I prefer men more. Maybe you will be warming my bed at night,” he looked at the girl disguising herself as a man who looked charming and shiny from every angle. Lydia denied strictly, “My purpose is to assist you in your house. There is nothing to do with the bed. I can do cooking, cleaning, repairing and many more but…” “Then you can do that too, I assume.” He chuckled testing her expression. The chances of being kicked out were more before entering his house but now the situation unfolded differently. He looked more welcoming to a lowly ranker than she has thought.

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Pervert? Maybe

Lydia let out a dreadful sigh pressing in midst her forehead reminiscing how Isla looked terrified and kept scolding her over her argument with a big star Sel. It was out of Isla head to understand what really took over Lydia to argue in front of a whole crowd after all she was someone who always tried to escape a kitty fight.

But in the end even with a whole lot of troubled thought she was still feeling a kind of excitement she has never felt before. The thing was that she knew what she wanted. She wanted to see Sel enraged face as she gets insulted in front of others, she wanted to see her horrified over the thought of losing her current position, she wanted to see her so irritated over losing everything and then beat her to death. Truthfully these weren't the end. If it was a ball instead of Sel, she would've wanted to rip it, slice it, bite it and whatever she could till her anger and annoyance was lifted.