1 Prologue

"Your time in this world has ended" Hei Ming yelled as she cackled like a witch

Yes, I was at the brink of death but she had always amused me and now would be no different

"Excuse me.." I said laughing between words

"Xiao!!" she exclaimed in annoyance, for a second she seemed so serious when I wouldn't budge at her demeanor she finally joined in the laughter

"You do know how important this is to me, I can't take any chances and the auditions are tomorrow!" she shouted miserably at me. I didn't care as I guffawed while rolling on the floor

"I'm sorry, I just can't help it... you look like an inexperienced witch in a TV series from the 90's"

"Not helping Xiao, really" I could spot in irritation in her voice

"Fine, let's do this again" I said cleaning my navy blue sundress. She had called me out from the beach that afternoon and I rushed over

She stared unconvinced at my words before heaving deeply, picking up the script again she smiled and moved far away from me before starting again

"You have been a great nuisance to..." my phone rang loudly piercing through the small room

I stared at her blankly to see her impression when none came I picked the call

"Yes, I'll be there soon" i said eyeing her from the corner of my eyes

"I'm really sorry Ming, I'll make it up to you" I said gathering my things as I sped off

That call was as urgent as I made it seem, only not what i needed. If i had known how much effect it would have had on me, maybe i would have ignored it

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