A woman living in sorrow, guilt, sadness, and pain.

A woman who chooses others rather than herself.

A woman whom they call brave and outrageous.

A woman of hope, as what they say, but what they don’t know is, she is hopeless.

Drowning in her misery.


“Should I choose you over her then?” he asked me.

“No Drake. The question should be, ‘Should I choose ME… over you?”


“That’s the right question, Drake. That’s the perfect question.”

“Why— what do you mean? I thought—“

“Look, how can I choose you when I can’t choose myself? How can I choose others when I can’t even prioritize myself? Tell me how, so I can ignore it.”

“You know Drake, always remember this. Loving yourself is the best choice of your life. Choosing yourself is the best happiness that happens in our life. But you know what’s more important? Living yourself is the LIFE.” I smiled before walking away.