Love and Loss Book

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Love and Loss


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Vallon Corez, just a normal twenty-three year old woman, trying to accomplish her dreams: to become a fashion designer. After working in America for six years, Vallon decides to return back to her childhood home, Paris, France to restart her life there, and to visit her family, friends, and her long distance boyfriend, Jasper. Vallon is hired to work at her dream job, the famous fashion company, "Johansen & Co. Fashion", and without a doubt, Vallon accepts the job... only not to be what she expects, a fashion designer, but to fill in the open slot as the boss's personal assistant. The boss however, is who Vallon least expects... her high school, hot ex-crush, used-to-be best friend, Owen Johansen. Who was also the one reason she left for America in the first place. ________________ [⭐️] Updates every other day! [⭐️] Look at my profile bio for more! [⭐️] I’m new, help by voting and commenting!


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