"Like a fairy tale, I turned into a crown princess in just one night. Why did the crown prince choose me?" - Renny "I have loved you long before you knew it." - Jayden Renny's life changed in just one night when an announcement from the kingdom stated that she had been chosen as the Crown Princess of the kingdom of Wei. Lost all her freedom and her love outside the majestic walls of the palace. Could Renny find her love and life again in the terrifying palace conditions and situations? Just an ordinary love story... But it can make you feel extraordinary Original story by Belleame. Plagiarism will be reported legally as the law. 21+ mature contents (Reader discretion is needed. Harsh words, acts, violence, sexual harassment.) The cover is not mine, the copyright belongs to the owner. Happy reading, Belleame

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NAM, the capital city of Wei.

A small house on the outskirts of the city. Simply building type with white and blue wall paint. There were so many kinds of flower pots in front of the house. Blooming pretty in this spring season. Near the flower garden, there was an old classic black car. Though old, so shiny, sparkling, and splendid, even a fly could slip when walking on its surface.

But, the atmosphere inside the house was so much different. So loud, full of television sound.

"Babe, turn off the TV! Can't you see your daughter is studying?" A woman, thirty-seven years old yelled at her husband.

"Wait a minute, Dear!! Check out the news!! The palace has already found a wife for the prince." A fat man, nearly forty years old answered his wife.

"Is that true? Prince had chosen his wife?? Who?? Rise the volume!!" The wife jumped to the couch and sat down beside her husband to watch the news from the royal family.

Their daughter, Renny Asteria dropped her chin on her palm, observing the behavior of her parents. Renny stopped her study activities. The noise from the TV screen disturbed her brain, it was hard to concentrate. Her Mom —who was originally going to help— was now even engrossed in looking at the screen. Indeed, the news of Prince Jayden's future wife would be the hottest and most awaited topic in the entire country of Wei.

Today, their prince would announce the luckiest girl who will be his future crown princess. Which meant the girl will also be the future Queen candidate.

"If only my daughter was chosen. I'll shave off my hair. Hahaha... but it's impossible!" Daddy Andre's laugh echoed throughout the living room. His fat belly swayed along with the rhythm.

"Yeah!! it's impossible, look at her!! Not pretty, can not dress up, and doesn't have any talent. And... uh... that's gross!" Mommy Violet looked at her daughter who was busy picking her nose booger.

"Stop badmouthing your daughter!" Renny got up from the dining chair. approaching her parents. She put her hands on her hips in front of her daddy and mommy, showing off her oversized long-sleeved T-shirt.

"Aish... This girl!! Look at her shape, Babe! Why there's no feminine act like another girl? How can you dream she will be the crown princess?" Violet shook her head at her daughter's behavior.

Renny's appearance was indeed a bit chaotic tonight. She only put her long black curly hair in a ponytail. Her lips were dry, her nose was red because she harvested too much booger. Her round blue eyes grew even rounder because she was irritated by her mother's words. Her pretty face was oily because she was too stressed thinking about her math homework.

"Hahaha... It's okay if you can not be a Crown Princess. You are still a princess in Daddy's heart." Andre laughed and got up hugging his daughter tightly. Renny's cheek was so tightly squeezed by her father's chubby body.


The bell door rang several times, disturbing their warm night.

"Who is coming this late?" Violet was wondering, she got up to open the door.


The door opened.

Violet was surprised when she opened the door. There were many well-built men in black suits in front of her house. All of their ears were stuffed with communication devices. Their appearance was very similar to secret agents in action movies. They escorted a tall man, his face was very calm and his voice tone was very elegant. "Good evening, Madam."

"Sorry, who are you looking for?" Violet furrowed her forehead, she felt don't know the man.

"Is this Andre Asteria's house?" He asked back.


"And you are...?"

"His wife." Violet began to look panicked. She felt that her husband did not owe anything to loan sharks. Who were they?

"Ah... Pardon me, Mrs. Asteria. I am the royal chamberlain, Carl. And I came with a message from the King. May I come in?" He said with a polite tone.

"The King?" Violet's face turned pale.

"That's right, Madam."

Confused, Violet invited her guests to enter the house. Andre let go of his embrace when the old man entered their house. Renny immediately took in as much air as she could because Andre's embrace almost made her pass out of breath.

"Who??" Andre glanced at his wife as a code to ask.

"He said from the palace," Violet whispered.

"Ahem... Please kneel to receive the message from the King!" This old man cleared his throat because the family in front of him didn't respect the King's order.


Quickly and confusedly, the three occupants of this tiny house knelt. Still looking at each other in confusion. Why did the King's order reach their family? So far they were law-abiding citizens, never late paying taxes, and work as civil servants properly, honestly, and diligently.

This old man was carrying a parchment with the royal seal on it. After removing the seal, he opened it and began to read the contents of the letter aloud, "After a strict election was held, according to the Royal Law on the Selection of the Crown Prince's wife. Therefore, I, the King of Wei, Jared Lennard, the first of his name, declare that Renny Asteria has been elected as the Crown Princess of the kingdom of Wei."


Selected? to be the crown princess?

Renny immediately raised her face, shocked. What did he mean? Crown Princess? She didn't even know how to cook rice? How could she become a Crown Princess in just one night?

"You lie?" Renny asked stammering.

"How could I dare? Please get up, Princess, your status is now nobler than mine." Carl bent down and helped Renny up.

"Our daughter? A Crown Princess?" Andre gaped.

"Yes, Mr. Asteria. You will become a royal in-law. Please prepare everything well. In a month the Royal Family will come here to formally propose to your daughter."


Renny slapped her cheek, "Auch!! it's Hurt..! That means it's not a dream." murmured her.

Renny walked to Carl, She felt never registered at the election. Why her name showed up at the prince's future wife's election?? Was there any mistake? or... an error reading data?

"But how come, Sir? I didn't even register—mmph..." Renny's words were stopped because Violet covered her daughter's mouth with her palm.

"Shut up, Renny, we could get in trouble if there is cheating." Violet whispered, "We can end up in jail!"

"Then I shall return to the palace, Mr. and Mrs. Asteria. The bodyguards and a few maids will be here in the morning to serve the princess." Carl bowed slightly.

"Ye... Yes, Sir."

"Have a good night, Princess." Carl bowed deeper in front of Renny, and all the bodyguards did the same, making the girl awkward.

Carl got up and left Renny who still looked shocked. Renny sat on the floor and rubbed her face rudely.

"How could that be?!" shouted Renny hysterically just after Carl left the door of her house.

"You truly didn't sign up?" Violet approached her daughter.

"Yes, Mom!! Is it possible that a girl like me will win this competition?" Renny pointed her index finger at the face.

"Yes, I think so," muttered Violet.

"So what now?" Renny asked.

"What else? Just accept your fate, who doesn't want to be a prince's mother-in-law." Violet smiled happily. The image of her baby girl becoming the future Queen made her goosebumps.

The sound of the TV was loud, 'The palace has announced the election. RENNY ASTERIA will be Crown Princess. The Crown Prince Jayden Lennart has decided on his future wife according to the requirements of the royal law....blah blah blah...'

Andre, Violet, and Renny were still staring at the TV until they gaped...

"Babe, I think you should shave off your hair." Violet turned to her husband.

"I think I will pass out soon, Dear!" Andre said before actually falling unconscious.

"Mom, I think I will also faint." Renny also fainted.

"You guys!!!" exclaimed Violet.