"Like a fairy tale, I turned into a crown princess in just one night. Why did the crown prince choose me?" - Renny "I have loved you long before you knew it." - Jayden Renny's life changed in just one night when an announcement from the kingdom stated that she had been chosen as the Crown Princess of the kingdom of Wei. Lost all her freedom and her love outside the majestic walls of the palace. Could Renny find her love and life again in the terrifying palace conditions and situations? Just an ordinary love story... But it can make you feel extraordinary Original story by Belleame. Plagiarism will be reported legally as the law. 21+ mature contents (Reader discretion is needed. Harsh words, acts, violence, sexual harassment.) The cover is not mine, the copyright belongs to the owner. Happy reading, Belleame

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115 Chs

No One Can Take You From Me

Crown Princess Palace, White Jade Palace.

"Your Highness, please let me in." Kayla knocked on the door room.

"Your Highness?! Princess!" Kayla and Noel didn't give up to persuade Renny. 

Renny didn't want to answer Kayla or Noel called at all. She kept locking herself in the room. After Queen Dyna got out of her residence, Renny couldn't stop crying. Yes, her sadness was because of the Queen's order to divorce Jayden after one year of their marriage.

It was almost afternoon and Renny had not even touched her lunch. Kayla started to worry, she asked Noel to report the incident to Victor. Noel complied, she also couldn't bear to see her princess' miserable condition.

"I already reported to Lord Victor, Lady. We can only wait for the Crown Prince's arrival." Noel tapped Kayla on the shoulder.

"Thank you, Lady." Kayla nodded.