"Like a fairy tale, I turned into a crown princess in just one night. Why did the crown prince choose me?" - Renny "I have loved you long before you knew it." - Jayden Renny's life changed in just one night when an announcement from the kingdom stated that she had been chosen as the Crown Princess of the kingdom of Wei. Lost all her freedom and her love outside the majestic walls of the palace. Could Renny find her love and life again in the terrifying palace conditions and situations? Just an ordinary love story... But it can make you feel extraordinary Original story by Belleame. Plagiarism will be reported legally as the law. 21+ mature contents (Reader discretion is needed. Harsh words, acts, violence, sexual harassment.) The cover is not mine, the copyright belongs to the owner. Happy reading, Belleame

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115 Chs

Baby Raiden

Arriving at the apartment, Hima let go of her beach bag and went inside. Suddenly she felt so strange. There was an urge of nausea coming out of her stomach. It felt like stirring. Hima quickly rushed into the bathroom.

Hoek!! Hoek!!! *vomit*

"Hima-san!!" Ina was shocked by Hima's condition.

Hoek!!! Hoek!!! *vomit*

Hima won't stop vomiting. Ina panicked and could only stroke Hima's back.

"Water, can you get me some water?" Hima asked.

"Alright, wait a minute."

Hima immediately drank warm water as soon as Ina brought it. But her stomach still felt like it was swirling. Hima vomited again.

"What happens? Why suddenly do you become like this, Hima?" Ina was so worried.

"Maybe because of the coastal wind, I caught a cold," grumbled Hima, her body suddenly limp.

Ina took Hima to the nearest hospital. She called Alex who was on the way to their apartment to change direction to the hospital.