"Like a fairy tale, I turned into a crown princess in just one night. Why did the crown prince choose me?" - Renny "I have loved you long before you knew it." - Jayden Renny's life changed in just one night when an announcement from the kingdom stated that she had been chosen as the Crown Princess of the kingdom of Wei. Lost all her freedom and her love outside the majestic walls of the palace. Could Renny find her love and life again in the terrifying palace conditions and situations? Just an ordinary love story... But it can make you feel extraordinary Original story by Belleame. Plagiarism will be reported legally as the law. 21+ mature contents (Reader discretion is needed. Harsh words, acts, violence, sexual harassment.) The cover is not mine, the copyright belongs to the owner. Happy reading, Belleame

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115 Chs

An Oath

Twelve years ago.

At the downtown, Nam, City center.

"Hey!! Go away!! If you don't have money, don't buy food here!!!" Shouted a restaurant waiter, he threw Jayden's tiny body out. At this time, Jayden was only a little boy, nine years old.

"Hey, I'm a Crown Prince!!! I don't need money to eat in my own country." shouted little Jayden, got up, and dusted off his clothes.

"Haha haha!!! If you are the Crown Prince, then I am the King!" shouted the man then closed the restaurant door. He didn't believe that Jayden was the prince. It's not his fault if didn't figure out Jayden was the prince, there were no secret agents guarded on his side, and what kind of prince that didn't has money?

"Why doesn't anyone believe that I am a Prince!!!" Jay shouted, everyone looked at him in surprise.

"Hey Boy, the Crown Prince lives there. If he is here his name is a commoner, not a royal." a young woman pointed at the magnificent Palace in the center of the city. Shuijing castle, where Jayden lived.

"Ah never mind!!" Jay clapped his hand to clean the dust and started walking again.

Winter was feeling colder when your stomach was hungry. Wasn't that right??

Little Jayden looked at the snowflakes, the winter started to envelop the city with a white blanket.

Today, Jayden ran away from his Palace. Wanting to disappear from the hard training and difficult lessons he got in the Palace. His heart was saturated with boring and the same repeated activities every day. But, little Jayden didn't think that he would feel suffering like this, hunger and cold. Feeling alone outside the palace walls.

"Are you really a prince???" a little girl approached Jayden. Her blue eyes twinkled like the morning sky.

"Yes, I'm."

"Do you have a white horse?"

"Hmmm... yes. I have," replied Jayden.

"Wow... Awesome!!"

"Who are you?" Jay looked at the little girl in surprise, when everyone doubted his crown, the girl believed him so much.

"I'm Renny, Renny Asteria."

"Hey, Renny, do you have any food?" Jay felt very embarrassed, but his stomach was very hungry. Rumbling like strong waves.

"Ah... I only have this." Renny took out 2 lollipops and a bar of chocolate.

"Thank you." Jay took the chocolate from Renny's hand and ate it.

"Wow Prince, you are very handsome!!" Renny smiled as she watched Jayden eat. For Jayden at that time, Renny's smile was the sweetest smile Jay had ever seen.

"I... I'm a prince, of course, hand...handsome..." Jay stammered in response to Renny's compliment.

"Where's your father or mother?" Jay sat with Renny in the overhang of the store.

"Look... She is my mom." Renny pointed at her mother, who was fighting over sale items with the other mothers.

"Ah..." Jayden nodded in understanding.

"Brother, is it true that the King is very rich?"


"Is it true that he has many horses?"


"Is it true that he has a lot of dolls?"


"Why?? What about Prince? Do you have a lot of dolls?" Renny asked.

"No, we are men. Boys don't play with dolls."

"So, what if the Princess? Does she has a lot of dolls?" Renny asked curiously.

"Of course. Princess has lots of dolls."

"Unfortunately, I am not a Princess. I don't have many dolls, mom said it is just extravagant. One or Two dolls are enough." Renny sighed, telling her story to Jayden.

"Right." Jayden smiled, he liked to respond to Renny's innocent words.

"If I marry a Prince, can I become a Princess?" asked Renny enthusiastically, her eyes sparkling brightly.

"Of course, you will become a Princess." Jayden nodded.

"Do you want to marry me, Brother?" This question instantly made Jayden's face flush red. A little girl proposed to him.

"Hey!! We are still little, and children should not marry," replied Jayden.

"What if when I grow up? Is it okay? Can I be a bride?"

"Yes, you can."

"Do you want to marry me when I grow up?" Renny smiled again, showing a row of neatly lined milk teeth.

"Hmm... of course." Jayden's face flushed, his heart pounding, maybe this was only puppy love, but, Jayden truly wanted to keep his promise to marry Renny.

"Promise!!!" Renny held up her little pinkie finger as a sign of commitment. Their bond and oath.

"Promise." Jayden accepted Renny's invitation and curled his pinkie to Renny's.

"HOORAY!!! I will become a Princess...!" Renny jumped and spun happily. Her pink skirt followed her spin.

"Haha haha…" Jayden laughed when looking at her adorable behavior.

"After marriage, we will ride a horse and play with dolls, OK, Brother?" Renny took Jayden's hand.

"Of course, Princess."

"Yeee!! My husband is a prince!!" Renny swung Jayden's hands happily.

Drap... Drap... Drap...

Several secret agents in black suits and complete communication equipment examined the market's area. They panicked and were very scared. How can not be afraid, the Crown Prince of this Country disappeared from their sight, from their guard.

"Your highness!!!" they shouted as they found them. Jayden and Renny were playing near a boutique.

"Let's run Renny." Jayden took Renny's hand so they could flee from their chase.

"Where are we going?? Mommy said I couldn't go far." Renny held Jayden's hand.

"I don't want to go back to the palace." Jayden took his hand.

"But If you leave the palace, it means that you are no longer a prince," Renny told Jayden.

"So what?"

"I can't be a princess!! You have promised to marry me, Prince!!" Renny was crying, her eyes filled with tears.

"Sorry, Renny. Please don't cry. Fine, I will return to the palace." Jayden sighed, didn't has the heart to see Renny sad.

"Wait, Prince." Renny stopped Jayden.

"Why?" Jayden was amazed, Renny ran to her mom, talked for a moment, and came back quickly to Jayden.

Renny came back with a pen, she opened Jayden's hand. Renny wrote her initials on Jayden's wrist. At the vein.

"My mommy said human soul and blood flows here, My soul is for you, Brother. Running in your blood now! So you have to keep your promise to me." Renny smiled again, sweeter than before.

"Okay, I'll write my initials on your wrist too." Jay wanted to do the same but suddenly...

Grab... A strong arm lifted him up.

"No!! LET ME GO!!" Jayden tried to rumble.

Renny fell down and cried. She was afraid of Jayden's aides. Adults were so scary for little kids like them.

"What are you doing?? Let me go!!" Jayden ordered when he saw Renny cry.

"Please don't rebel, Your Majesty. It's too dangerous to walk alone without our guard." They explained.

"Let go!!" Jayden struggled, but he didn't care. All he wanted was to help and calm Rennny.

"Huuwaaaaa...!! Sob!! Sob??" Renny was still crying.

"Don't cry, Renny. I will marry you and make you a Princess." Jayden shouted so she could be calm.

"Sob.. sob... don't forget your promise, Prince!" Renny sobbed.

"Yes.. wait for me!!" Jayden left Renny. The secret agent put his body inside the car.

Renny waved her hand until Jayden disappeared behind the car door. She ran to chase Jayden's car, but she stumbled and fell.

"Renny!!!" exclaimed Jayden from the car. He looked at the girl until her figure was gone.