Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Business tycoon Ji Lingchen swore not to take a wife. He didn’t even have scandals to his name. Until one day, when a wife was forced upon him, Young Master Ji began a new chapter in his life! Assistant Jiang: Young Master Ji, Madam trashed Zhang Manor. Ji Lingchen: Get more people to help her out. Assistant Jiang: Uhm… Ji Lingchen: Wait, has she calmed down? Assistant Jiang: No. Ji Lingchen: Inform the board to start the project of acquiring Zhang Group! Assistant Jiang: Young Master Ji, Madam beat up Young Master Wei, and now he’s hospitalized. Ji Lingchen: Has she had enough? Assistant Jiang: Doesn’t seem like it. Ji Lingchen: Let her continue. One day, Ji Lingchen learned that Fang Xiaonuan had gotten into another fight. He slammed the table and got up. “Fang Xiaonuan, are you asking for a beating?” Fang Xiaonuan retorted, “Darling, you’ve changed. You didn’t use to be this way…” Ji Lingchen pointed to her protruding belly and said, “You were alone before this!” To be fighting when she was seven months pregnant not only frightened her opponent, but she also scared the wits out of Ji Lingchen. Yet, Fang Xiaonuan was feeling pleased that she managed to win without a fight! Fang Xiaonuan’s anger subsided and she stared at Ji Lingchen with puppy dog eyes as if she had been badly bullied. “You win. You rascal, can you wait until the little rascal is safely born before you go fighting again?”

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A Shocking Relationship

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Fang Xiaonuan did not stop there. She turned around and strode over to Yue Qi. Without waiting for him to react, she jumped up and grabbed his hair, punching him in the stomach with all her might a few times. Then, she threw him in the pool too. She wanted these two b*stards to experience what it was like to be soaked in ice water!

After doing all this, she gritted her teeth and pointed at the two people in the pool. She warned, "You two, just wait!" After that, she took Ji Wen and Liu Siyu to the hotel downstairs to change their clothes and take a hot bath.

It was supposed to be a good welcoming banquet and a class reunion, but after this incident, everyone lost the mood to hang out and quickly followed them downstairs to see how their classmates were doing.

Ji Wen and Liu Siyu each got a room. Fang Xiaonuan said to Ji Wen, "You drank too much, you can't take a bath. Take a hot shower and get into bed. Give me the room card, I'll come to see you in a while."