At the airport, a couple were spotted hugging and kissing each other like there was no tomorrow.

"Promise me Neil, promise me you'll never leave no matter what." She pleaded as tears clouded her eyes.

Neil cupped her face with both hands and planted a kiss on her sweet lips, pulling away he gazed into her beautiful grey eyes.

"I promise, I promise with all my heart Treasure. I will forever be with you and never part ways....I LOVE YOU FOREVER."

After saying those words he crashed his lips against hers resulting in a passionate kiss.

Neil didn't want to let go of Treasure...HIS TREASURE, she was full of light and vitality, she brought light to his dark and gloomy heart.

They met in high school and were in a relationship for over 3 years. It wasn't easy but they sailed through till this very dreaded moment they tried hard to avoid.

Neil got scholarship into the Oxford university of England and his mother was so proud of him. He was reluctant to go at first because of Treasure, his love for her was beyond words and people knew it so well.

Neil's mother had to plead with Treasure to persuade Neil to go. Treasure found the situation to be very tricky and tempting. Tempting in the sense that she had the right to stop him and he would abide, but who was she to hold him back from this great opportunity. He had a promising future that could change both their lives.

Treasure was close to her final year and she couldn't wait. She vowed to study hard in order to meet her love, Neil, once again.

"I promise to always visit when am on vacation, I promise to text, call and video chat you. You're worth my time and everything Treasure."

Treasure shed all the tears she tried so hard to hold back. This was the first time in 3 years that they would part ways for their future to be bright.

He embraced her tightly with eyes shut tightly as he inhaled her enticing scent.

This was really hard for both of them. Treasure watched as Neil strode reluctantly to catch his flight, most times he would turn to catch a little glimpse of Treasure to store in his memory.

He waved Treasure and his mother a goodbye for now, at least he won't be gone for long. That alone gave him courage.

Soon he was out of sight. Neil's mother embraced Treasure and consoled her, she knew how much they loved and cherished each other. It wasn't something to be played or joked with.

Neil's mom, Clauda, loved Treasure like her own daughter. Though she had her own daughter, but Treasure was a girl to be proud of. Very loyal, caring and understanding.

"Come on now my child, let's get going. He'll be back soon, he won't be gone for long."

Treasure sniffled and wiped her tears with her palm. Nodding slowly, she followed Clauda out of the airport. Neil's sister refused to follow them inside the airport because she knew she wouldn't be able to hold herself from crying.

Treasure got in and glanced at her best friend, Pamela, Neil's sister.

"Has he boarded the plane?" Pamela asked in a low tone, she had been crying, Treasure could sense it in her cracked voice.


Pamela nodded and silence filled the car as Clauda drove out of the airport.

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