LOVE; A Slow painful poison Book

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LOVE; A Slow painful poison

Favour Stephen5651

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{NOTE~ First few chapters need to be edited} "When it comes to love, the weakest part of the body is the HEART." "Why?" He asked. "Because the heart loves more, it holds all the feelings and emotions. Without the heart one cannot love." The psychiatrist paused. "How is it related to her case?" The man had a serious look. "Her heart is shattered, am afraid it affected her mentally, physically and sociologically. It will be very impossible for her to love again." The man smiled warmly before he questioned her. "What then is the cure?" "LOVE." -----***----- LOVE takes time and is slow, falling in LOVE is a process. It eats deep into the HEART gradually until it has it all completely. BUT.... When your HEART is given to the wrong person, it becomes a SLOW PAINFUL POISON at the end. *NOTE: If this book triggers any of the mentioned emotions below, please don't read for you emotional safety! *Depression *Worry *Sadness *Violence *Bad memories *Suicidal thoughts etc Most of what is written inside this book are very much true. They are picked from our everyday life and what most people suffer in the dark. I just added fantasy to it to make it less intense and a bit fictitious.