1 Death and Reincarnation

I woke up seeing a bright and welcoming light, which gave me a sense of peace and tranquility, I realized that it originated from a being, with a humanoid shape, but I couldn't see its face, due to the light that its body emanated and finally a deep and beautiful came to my ears.

"My son, I think you have already concluded that you are dead, but you have a destiny to fulfill in another world."

Because of your words, my memories came back as if a dam had burst, and the events of my life passed like a movie, and before I spoke to you again he came, saying, "Your destiny, is to live in Tolkien's world, but you can choose your three orders, but of course within the limits of the specific world's own level."

Finally, I started thinking about my three requests and said to the being:

"My first request will be to be a High Human, which will have the junction of Captain America's super soldier serum, the body of the wizard from the book and the saga of The Witcher game and the long life of the elves." afraid of having my request denied, I kept looking at him expecting a denial and a reprimand, but they didn't come, but a nod with the confirmation of the request, finally I continued with my requests:

"Oh, for my second one, I'm going to want the fighting skills of three people, being Ezio from the game Assassin's Creed, Geralt from The Witcher saga and finishing the skills of Seeker Richard Cypher from the Sword of Truth saga."

This time, the being spoke:

"Hmm, an interesting choice you made, made very strong requests like the Archery skill and the ability to unite with the sword and dance with the Seeker's death, in addition to Ezio's assassination skills and the sword skills that can kill monsters. Well, with the body you asked for, but they didn't leave the world level you go, so you can create it!"

After he finished his sentences, I breathed easier, but a doubt came with his words and after thinking quickly, I asked:

"You told me it was my destiny to go to Middle-earth, so you shouldn't know about

my choices?"

He looked at me and said: "I'm not God boy, I'm your messenger and an angel who guides souls, but contrary to normal, my father asked me to send you with three requests and your memories, to that world counting me it was yours. Fate, so I'm just doing what he asked of me, so don't complain, and make your last wish!"

I looked at him dumbfounded and went back to thinking about my last request.

"I see, then, for my third and final request, I'm going to want three specific weapons, a bow and arrows that don't run out and don't break or wear out, the sword that can't be destroyed or stolen and that purifies evil and ends Assassin's Creed hidden blade from one of the Frye brothers, which doesn't break and allows me to scale large buildings more easily"

The angel confirmed and asked me to choose my birth and my appearance, after he finished speaking a clone of me appeared in front of me and I started to change my appearance, I chose then to have a lilac eye with black hair as a shadow, a thin face and slightly square with a perfect beard and a height of 1.90 m. As for my story, I chose to be born as a child, but not in a normal way, but as a shooting star that will fall after Morgoth's fall to Elves and Humans, eventually being found and taken in by a family of elves from Rivendell. .

The angel then spoke:

"Good luck, my son on your great adventure and journey"

I smiled and thanked, after that everything went dark and the fire started to surround me, but it didn't burn me, and finally I felt only a great blow that extinguished me.

(3rd POS)

During the war against the forces of evil, led by Morgoth, the lands of Wrath, Beleriand, and much of northern Middle-earth were destroyed and reshaped. But in the end, on the battlefield, the leader of the forces of evil was defeated and at that exact moment, a strong light shone in his night, which could even be mistaken for the day, that light quickly went out and started to fall, going towards Rivendell, beings from all over Middle-earth could see a star passing over their heads and falling on the holy grounds of the elven lands.

An elf named Lúthien went to the crater and was startled to find a human baby sleeping peacefully around flames that did not go out and did not burn his skin. Finally, he went to him and picked him up, at this exact moment the baby woke up, and she saw a lilac eye so beautiful that she was mesmerized by its beauty and a sense of duty towards him, finally she said:

"Hello little one, I think from now on I will be his mother, my name is Lúthien, I look forward to introducing you to his brother Dior."

Due to the fall, many other elves, also came to see the star that had fallen in their lands, they were scared when they saw the princess of Doriath holding a child in her lap, the older and more powerful elves felt that that child should be taken care of by her. Lúthien and realized that he would be her anchor so that she would not die due to her broken heart from losing her lover to Morgoth. But these were not the only cessations they felt, but they felt that that child had a great destiny and that the future of the races of Middle-earth would be in their hands, whether to protect or destroy them.