LOTR: Evandor Noldor

Ahhh, another reincarnation novel with a powerful MC in a world he knows a lot about. This story follows the journey of our MC, who will become Evandor Noldor, a true hero to the Elven-kind of Arda. (For those that don't know, Arda is the name of the planet where the continent of Middle-Earth exists) Before his reincarnation, he will choose many choices that will alter his personality, making him fit into the world seamlessly. [No Harem] [No System] [No God-like MC] [Good/Grey MC]

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2 Chs

Creation of a New Life

As his soul floats in the endless abyss of limbo, after what seemed like years, his interest is piqued when a transparent screen appears in front of his face with a message.


Welcome, Jumper, to Arda in the middle of the Third Age. The year is T.A. 1864. In this time the lines of Kings in Gondor and Arnor have not yet fallen, and the Dunedain are still strong though in decline, especially in the North, where for centuries war has raged between the successors of Arnor and Angmar.

Arnor, a shadow of its former self, barely clings to life. Arvedui, son of Araphant, prophesied to be the Last-king, has just been born. The Witch-realm of Angmar is led by the Lord of the Nazgul and is composed of men of Rhudaur alongside orcs and other foul things deeper in the kingdom.

In the South, things are equally grim. Eight years ago, the Wainriders, a confederation of Easterlings, conquered much of Rhovanion, and slew their king, before striking Gondor itself, beginning a war that will last a century.

However, that is not the focus of your people. You are of the races that belong to the Elder Days, the Elves, or the Dwarves.

At present, the Dwarves of the Folk of Durin hold the mightiest and richest of their kingdoms, that of Khazad-dûm. Indeed, at this time even the dwarves of the Ered Mithrin hold great wealth, though within another century or so it will be lost to dragons and orcs. At this time even the Orocarni dwarf clans are prospering, a peak of glory and wealth for the adopted children of Ilúvatar. However, Gundabad, the waking place of Durin Father of the Longbeards, is held by Angmar and there are rumors that mithril grows ever harder to find leading to ever deeper digging.

Likewise, the Elves, though far from their splendor, still rule lands of their own in Lorien and Lindon and the Woodland Realm, with various other thriving (though dwindling settlements) such as Edhellond.

Will you work to avert disaster, Jumper? Perhaps with your aid, the old glory of the Elder Days might yet be reclaimed. Or might you simply sit content to bask in the glory of your kin? Worse, might you side with the growing Shadow for power and dominion?

Regardless of your choice, you have 5000 CP to do it with.


Unable to speak as he did not have a physical body, he merely gave a nod, causing the screen to change into something new.


Age: Dependent on race and background. Elves roll a 1d10 and multiply by one-hundred, for dwarves roll a 1d12 and multiply by ten. (Alternatively, you can choose your age for free).

Starting Location: You can start from anywhere you wish.

1: Lindon -

2: Imladris -

3: Khazad-dûm -

4: Ered Mithrin -

5: Lothlórien -

6: The Woodland Realm -

7: Edhellond -

8: Ered Luin -


As if it was a game, a small table with golden dice appeared in front of him.

Picking them up and giving them a good shake, he tosses them onto the table... after some rolling around, as the dice stopped on 7.

'Seven times ten or a hundred... seven hundred years old for an Elf or seventy for a Dwarf'



Dwarf: You belong to the race of the Dwarves, dearest to Mahal, the one that the Elves of the Noldor call Aulë and the Sindar call Óli, Smith of the Valar. Your people are hardy, shorter than Men but strong both of body and will, and cunning with stone and gems, longer-lived than Men, but not immortal, and slow to take wives as well as bear children. At this time, the mightiest of the Dwarf-lords is King Durin VI, Lord of Khazad-dûm.

Elf: You belong to the race of the Elves, the Firstborn of the Children of Ilúvatar. Your people are taller than Men and gifted with both grace and keen senses. Elves do not succumb to the ravages of age or disease and are swift to recover from injury, but your people are slow to bear children and especially in this latter Age may become weary of Middle-earth and seek solace in the Undying Lands.


'No offense to the Dwarves because I love Gimli and Bombur but I'll pick the Elves'

From out of nowhere, a surge of power and tranquility surrounded his would, after a bright flash of light, he now stood in the abyss with a solid physical body.

It's hard to tell when surrounded by nothing but darkness, but he stands at 6'10ft, his shoulders are broad, and his body is covered with athletic muscles, a seemingly perfect mesh of strength and agility.

his golden, almost white, hair now comes down to his waist.

His skin has a beautiful paleness to it that perfectly goes with his jewel-like blue eyes.

"Awesome", a single word yet accompanied with a foreign voice, his voice sounded sweet, melodic, and almost angelic.


--- Perks ---

[General Perks]

Skilled in Weapons and War (Free) - You are a gifted warrior, your skills honed from

years of practice and given education in leading others with proficiency. You are a gifted student of the ways of war. While not on the level of one such as Glorfindel or the stories of great dwarven heroes, you are among the most skilled warriors living and can plan a military campaign with skill rare even among Men.

Light of the Elder Days (500 CP) - You possess strength and innate greatness, such as has not been seen in many long years, perhaps even the First Age. You are stronger, hardier, quicker to learn, and simply better than those of your generation. You have an authority to you that draws others, and a presence that would give even venerable dwarf-kings or elven lords pause. You are more adept at learning skills, and mastering those you already know. The skills you are already good at are enhanced to even greater levels. In addition, you seem to have an inner fire that blazes like a bonfire where others are mere embers. You can work longer without becoming distraught, inspire others with little effort, and on the whole, you're just better.

Light of the Elder Days, as a capstone booster, is meant to be an all-around enhancement for your perks and skills. An elf with Grace and Beauty becoming very nearly as lovely as Lúthien herself or male equivalent. A craft-focused dwarf becoming the second greatest craftsman to ever live, after Telchar himself. A shipwright becoming the greatest ship-builder outside of Círdan. This perk increases all other perks exponentially.

[Dwarven Perks]

Dwarven Craftsmanship (100 CP, Free Dwarf) - In the tempering of steel, and in the making of mail, the children of Aulë have no equal, not even among the greatest of the Noldor. While you are no truly great craftsman, you possess that natural aptitude of your race, as well as a fair understanding and skill in working steel. Even your relatively low skill, compared with your elders and those more naturally talented than you, is still good by the standards of Men. Good enough that even here your works look like masterworks to them, and your armor serviceable to any dwarf warrior.

The wealth of the Dwarves (200 CP) - Wealth begets wealth, or so the saying goes. This is doubly true for the Dwarves, with them having an affinity for all things of Aulë, the substances of the earth, and being naturally talented miners and workers of metals. With you, this goes somewhat beyond that, and you possess a sense of where to find minerals of your choice. From copper to mithril, no mineral can evade your detection if you put yourself to looking. As well, you have a knack for gaining greater wealth from trade. If you were placed in a small frontier-town you would have a thriving mining settlement with the start of a great fortune within three years, within ten you'd have the beginnings of a true trading city home to many skilled craftsmen, and by the end of your third decade, you would have a hoard worthy of a dwarf-lord and a city renowned for its works and wealth, bringing more wealth to you. Lastly, you are a great worker of gemstones, able to bring out dazzling beauty from even the dullest uncut precious stone.

Worker of Stone (300 CP) - Before the Sun and Moon, the dwarves had already made their own great halls within mountains and hills using unrivaled skill in the working of stone. Your skill is comparable to the finest of dwarven stone-masons living. Devising sturdy walls and stone monuments and buildings is as easy as breathing. As well, you somehow can get construction projects utilizing stone as a majority resource done in less than half the time it should realistically take. You have a knack for finding concealed doors and passages in stone, and even for finding weaknesses in defenses such as stone walls or mighty fortresses.

Child of Mahal (400 CP) - To be renowned for one's metalwork amongst a folk famed for such craft is no small thing. Not only have you a talent for working metal, but your craft is among the finest of any dwarf alive in this Age. You know the secrets to working mithril with great skill. You also possess knowledge of lost lore including the dwarf-masks of the Elder Days that could resist even dragon flame. A true child of Mahal you withstand heat better than many of your kin allowing you to spend longer periods of time working the forge with less need for water to cool you and you find that when working at a forge you feel more awake than normal.

Jumper the Deathless/Heir to the Father (500 CP, cannot be taken by Elves) - The Seven Fathers were the first of the Dwarves, and the fathers to the various clans from whom all dwarves descend. It is said among the dwarves that the Fathers are reincarnated among their folk across many generations. Now, you are the Heir to one of the Seven Fathers, whether you bear their name or no, or whether that is strictly true or not. You look akin to the Father of your kindred, and indeed you are mightier and have a presence to you that seems to indicate innate greatness. Your skill and might in battle are enough that even surrounded you could expect to slay a dozen trolls on your own with a bit of luck and the right equipment. Should you die, you will reincarnate among one of your descendants or distant kin within a decade. In future Jumps, this gives you multiple chances to avoid a jump fail, assuming you are alive at the end of the Jump.

[Elven Perks]

Grace and Beauty (100 CP, Free Elf) - Your folk are known for their natural grace and beauty, and you are exceptional even among them, moving with grace beyond even that of the average elf. Where other elves might walk on snow without sinking, you don't leave footprints in mud nor even in the most malleable of dirt. You will not lose your footing in even the roughest situations. Not only that, but you possess the clear beautiful voice of your people to a greater degree. The beauty of your voice singing in Elven-tongues is practically enchanting, like a clear jewel of blended word and melody. You also possess a natural talent for playing the harp, your sweet and wonderful music-making others feel as though they are in some fair dream, or even to sweep them away to faraway lands under unknown stars. Lastly, you are fair even for an elf, though clearly not the match of Lúthien or even Idril, you might still have songs written about you.

The Shipwright (200 CP) - Some elven kindred have a long tradition of shipbuilding, most notably the Teleri and those of their kin. Elven ships are known for their swiftness and even their strength when needed. Though the greatest mariners have been Men, the greatest ship-builders are the Elves, with them being the only ones able to build ships capable of sailing the Straight Road to Valinor. Now you possess the knowledge of long years, though not nearly the equal of someone such as Círdan, you have the skill and knowledge great enough to design and build a ship on your lonesome and even in the lands of Men your skills will command a high price and many who will wish to make use of your services. With minimal resources you could, within a year, build a strong warship able to run with the speed of a brisk wind, and endure long grueling battles. Perhaps with time and a lot of talent you might rival the Shipwright himself.

Worker of Arts (300 CP) - The making of Lembas and Miruvor, the working of enchantments to conceal and hide, the crafting of elf-cloaks and rope, healing the sick and wounded. Even the making of elven bows. All these and more are known to you. Your skills in healing are great enough to heal not only wounds of the body, but wounds of the spirit as well such as that suffered by those who have taken harm from a Morgul-blade or the black breath. You can hide a village from detection for centuries. You can make waybread and miruvor with the skill equal to that of any handmaid in service to Galadriel or any servant of Elrond. Though you are no master of the arts, you are highly capable in all of these.

Heir to the Jewel-smiths (400 CP) - The Gwaith-i-Mírdain (People of the Jewel Smiths) were a brotherhood of elven craftsmen led by Celebrimbor, the second greatest of the Elven smiths after Fëanor himself. They made the Rings of Power as well as the enchantments on the West-gate of Moria. Many wonders they wrought in their settlement of Ost-in-Edhil, capital of the elven realm of Eregion, and you are the inheritor to their secrets, from the making of Rings and enchantments to weapons and armor fit for elven kings. In works of masonry and the working of steel, your knowledge and talent are second only to the greatest of the dwarves.

Finwion (500 CP, cannot be taken by Dwarves) - Whether you bear the dark hair and grey eyes of most of the Noldor, or the golden hair that some of the lines of Indis possess, or even the red hair of some few of those related to the children of Nerdanel, you are a royal among the Noldor and descended of the House of Finwë, First King of the Noldor and father to Fëanor, mightiest and proudest of the Eldar. The Noldor are the most powerful of all Elves in Middle-earth, and some might say of all Elves period, famed warriors who excel in learning and in craft. Regardless, you are mightier than any elf alive though still not the equal of Glorfindel, Elrond, or Galadriel. As a craftsman, your natural talent (though not your knowledge or skill at present) surpasses any elves living, and in the making of weapons and armor, you are greater than any save perhaps the dwarves themselves in these days.


"Hmm, I could buy all of them but I don't know how many pages are left and if I'll need to save points for better stuff later"

Before he can make a decision, his eyes shine a bright golden light as new knowledge enters his mind and his body changes slightly.

The free perks [Grace and Beauty] and [Skilled in Weapons and War] entered his mind, merging with him and giving him skills, experiences, and talents that he didn't have a moment ago.

As his eyes return to normal, his movements become much more graceful, even as he brings his hand to his face, there are no wasted movements or excess energy wasted.

"Give me Light of the Elder Days with all of the Dwarven (except the last one since I can't take it) and Elven Perks... I might regret it later for not having enough points for other stuff but I'll risk it"

As his eyes once again light up the surrounding darkness, a powerful aura covers his body, giving him an air of authority.

His body extends a little more, making him a solid 7'0ft, his muscles bulge a little but keep a slender frame.

His body gains a minor regenerative factor and the toughness of his skin increases.

His graceful agility has extended past the Elven boundary, no longer can his footsteps be heard even at full spring, he leaves no footprints or traces of places he has stepped.

His knowledge of crafting, forging, enchanting, and bartering has increased by a million-fold.

As the light vanishes, no man that stood there previously has gone, the new influx of knowledge, experience, and memories, has merged with his original ones and created a whole new personality.


You have 2100CP left to spend.

--- Items ---

Mellyrn Seeds (50 CP) - A box containing twelve seeds, like nuts, but with silver shells. These seeds will, if planted in suitable lands, that is... fertile lands, grow into the famous smooth-barked silver trees. Known only to Númenor that is lost, to Valinor, and to Lóthlorien, these trees will grow to massive size, given time and proper nurturing, ensuring you have something truly special within Middle-earth.

Elf Soil Bag (50 CP) - Plain and unadorned, but well made, this bag contains a supply of soil, grey in color, like dust both fine and soft. Though seemingly without practical use, this soil, even a couple of grains, can enrich even the most barren of dirt to allow it to reap a rich bounty, or grow mighty trees in harsh terrain. This bag contains enough dust to enrich ten acres of farmland and will refill itself once every two months.

Elven Cloak (100 CP, free Elf) - An Elven-cloak is a fair garment. It is made of silken stuff, light but warm, and the color changes with the surroundings, whether it be stones or trees; it is a great aid in keeping out of the sight of unfriendly eyes. Yours is greater still, it will not tear, and should you lose it somehow, you can call it back to you with but a simple gesture.

Roch (100 CP, free Elf) - An Elven-horse, trained to take commands with ease, and to not succumb to terror, even if the Witch-king of Angmar was to take the field against you. This horse has greater stamina and speed than the horses of other folks, save only for the descendants of the horses of Valinor.

Dwarf Hoard (100 CP, free Dwarf ) - Gold, silver, precious gems, ornate armor, and gilded, jewel-encrusted weapons - all are to be found in any respectable Dwarf-hoard. Amassed over hundreds of years, these treasure piles bring happiness to the Dwarves who jealously guard them. Now you have one of these hoards of wealth and a place to keep them in if you do not already have one. Indeed, the wealth contained is suitable for even a very wealthy king of Men, and will restore itself should parts be spent. At least the gold and silver will.

Elessar (200 CP, discount Elf ) - The first Elessar was made by the master jewelsmith Celebrimbor in the First Age, and trapped the light of the sun within its green facets. It was said that in looking through it the old seemed young and the withered seemed fresh, and the bearer of the stone could heal ills with but a touch. That stone went with Eärendil across the sea to the Undying Lands, however, and did not return to Middle-earth. A new stone of the same name (if with little of the same brilliance) was forged also by Celebrimbor, in the Second Age, and set in a silver brooch in the likeness of an eagle with outstretched wings. Though the gem you possess now is akin to the second Elessar in appearance, it possesses the power of that first Elessar as well as the second. To preserve things (even a realm) against the effects of time, like one of the Three but to a lesser degree, to give strength and hope to one's self, and power to inspire others.

Weapon of Renown (200 CP) - Narsil, Aeglos, Durin's Axe, Orcrist. Many are the famous weapons of Middle-earth, wielded by mighty kings, valiant princes, and stalwart chiefs, and others not so heroic. Regardless, each has a history and power all their own, and now you possess an exact duplicate of one of these famous weapons. Choose any named weapon, and you shall receive a copy of it, and if lost it shall return to you within a month. If broken, it will need to be repaired like any other weapon, though it seems unlikely at best that any of the weapons you might choose will be broken save for if the Dark Lord were to bring his strength against them.

Noldor Warriors/Durin's Guard (200 CP, you can choose only one, discount dependent on race) -The Elves are natural horsemen, and these Noldor have had many lifetimes of Men to hone their skill, accompanying into battle those Lords who have remained in Middle-earth. Armed with bright and bitter steel in form of sword or spear and clad in the finest mail wrought by Noldor smiths, moving with unearthly grace, wielding their deadly swords and spears and bows from horseback with a speed that is unmatched among Men, these warriors reveal their full power and majesty in battle and few indeed are the foes who can claim to have seen them in their glory and lived.

The Dwarves were made to endure, and those who guard their lord and kin in battle are the hardiest of that race. Whenever those Longbeard kings bearing the name Durin die, they weep profusely, and then look forward to the coming of the next Durin, until such a day, comes that the King of the Longbeards is Durin, seventh and last of his name, but until that day dawns, they serve their lords and kings with fearless and faultless obedience. Wearing face masks like those of the dragon-slayers of old, these warriors - and their enemies - are reminded of the great company in which they stand. Their axes are forged of mithril inlaid with gold, and their armor is reinforced with the same silver steel. Indeed, the only better-equipped soldiers in all Middle-earth are the Dwarf-lords under their protection. The Dwarves in this regiment are the most formidable of any Dwarven army. Regardless of your choice, these folk will number one thousand and serve you with utmost loyalty, and if killed will return within three years.

War-gear of the Dwarf-lord (300 CP, discount Dwarf) - Consisting of a war-helm wrought by Telchar, mithril mail, and the finest weapons forged for only the greatest of dwarven lords, this war-gear is resistant to even dragon flame and even the Dark Lord himself would be hard-pressed to damage such a wondrous panoply.

Maglor Fëanorion (300 CP, discount Light of the Elder Days) - Born in Valinor before the destruction of the Two Trees, the second son of Fëanor is the only member of the House of Fëanor to have survived into the Third Age, Maglor is a famed bard and composed some of the greatest songs in the history of Middle-earth, including the Noldolantë. He is also one of the greatest warriors left in Middle-earth, and though an echo of his former glory, as the light of Valinor has slowly dimmed in his eyes, he is still an Elf to not anger. In you, he has seen someone special, someone worth following and whose legend might be worth writing a song of. In you, he has seen something to rekindle hope not felt since the end of the First Age. While he cannot return to Valinor, he will venture with you as a loyal ally unless you should choose to ally yourself with evil. He is 7'2", with coal-black hair and grey eyes that seem to glow with an inner light. He carries with him a sword made by his father Fëanor in the First Age (which he will not give away), and a harp made in Doriath.

Elven Gardens (400 CP, discount Elf) - When Telperion and Laurelin grew upon the mound of Ezellohar in Valinor, their burgeoning lights flowed throughout the city; but twice a day, as the light of one Tree waxed and the other waned, there came a time when their lights were softly mingled. These gardens are but an imitation of that ancient display, but a more otherworldly sight in Middle-earth one is not likely to find. Carefully designed with varying shades of silver and gold, these gardens boast an astonishing variety of colors and plant life, many of which were tenderly borne here from far-flung Elven lands. Even the sickest of hearts is likely to be cheered and enriched after spending an afternoon sampling the visual wonders here. As long as such visions of Valinor remain on this side of the Sea, the Elves may find places of refreshment and peace. Indeed, you shall find that elves from all kindreds will come to visit these gardens, and some may choose to stay to tend them or live near to them, inhabiting your cities or even forming their own small settlements that will come with you to future jumps, and in those future jumps native elves will find themselves drawn to visit your gardens and settle your lands should you desire it.

Mithril Mines and Armory (600 CP, Discount Dwarf) - There may be older and fouler things than Orcs in the deep places of the world, but there are great treasures and opportunities to be found in those places as well. Dwarven miners know this, and the lure of mithril often proves irresistible. With this, you need not worry about the presence of any Balrog or Orcs, as your veins of mithril shall lie within a mine dropped into a location near to where you start or even just connected to your Warehouse. The tremendous quantities of mithril that these mines make available allow Dwarf-smiths to craft marvelously strong and light armor for your warriors and yourself. More than simply a store-room and workshop for Dwarven smiths, a Mithril Armory is capable of outfitting an entire host in the most supple and strong metal known in Middle-earth. The presence of such materials naturally attracts the finest Dwarven smiths, who may also turn their efforts to forging superior weapons in addition to crafting mithril armor. Armored and armed in shining mithril and dwarf-make weapons, your forces are certain to be fearsome indeed on the battlefield. In future jumps, you will attract whatever setting equivalent to the Dwarves there happens to be to find work in your armory and lands. Your mines shall also come with you. Strangely and quite, fortunately, these mines will never run dry and seem to restore themselves over time.

Ring of Power (600 CP) - The Rings of Power were forged in Eregion by the great smiths of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain during the Second Age. All of the Great Rings save the One had a single gem, and not one design was repeated. Every ring was imbued with a power that came from the combined skill of the great Noldor craftsmen that wrought them and the knowledge brought by Sauron in the guise of Annatar. Your Ring of Power, greater than any of the Nine, possessing to at least some degree the powers of the Three, and to a minor extent even carries some form of the power of the One, is untouched by the corruption of the Ruling Ring, independent in power, and wholly yours. In material it is mithril or a mithril-gold alloy depending on your taste in color, it has an inscription of your choice in Quenya or Khuzdul using the Tengwar, and a unique jewel set into it. This Ring cannot be seen by any save for another who wears a Ring of Power, or Sauron himself. In potency, your Ring is lesser than the One, but greater than any others, occupying a halfway point.

As with any of the Great Rings, the powers granted by your Ring of Power are determined by the natural capabilities and potential of the one wearing it, enhancing your natural capacities, turning a humble gardener into a worker of masterful gardens that would make the elves take notice, a captain of soldiers into a leader of Men with massive natural charisma and a sorcerer into a Morgul-lord capable of defeating one of the Nazgûl, a skilled dwarf-lord craftsman into a smith great enough to make Telchar admit to finding an equal, and a mighty Noldor prince into someone capable of facing the Dark Lord and winning.

This Ring enhances your lifespan by a factor of three and without the downsides normally associated with one of the Great Rings. It grants invisibility by drawing you into the wraith-world if you so choose to use that power, though in that "invisibility" you become a beacon easily tracked by wraiths or other Ring-bearers, inversely you gain the ability to see with little effort things that are normally invisible. Your senses are enhanced, hearing sharp as a cat and scent to match a bloodhound, including being able to see the true forms of invisible or wraithly beings. Your Ring allows you to inspire others, kindling the flames of their hearts against even the harshest times and adversaries, it allows you to slow the ravages of time on the world to a lesser degree than one of the Three, it allows you to work acts of healing somewhat better, where before you might be able to heal a bruise, now you can mend a broken bone, so to speak. You can take oaths sworn to you and make them binding to a degree. You can also use this Ring as the base for your own Ruling Ring, having other lesser rings bound to it, should they be made with knowledge of your own ring.

This Ring in addition to its other powers allows you to understand spoken language more easily, learning in weeks what others might take years to gain fluency in. In future Jumps, this Ring will grow with you and also enhance your ability with whatever magic you learn. Acting as an amplifier, and multiplying your power by up to a factor of three.


"I will gladly take the Elven Cloak and Roch for free"

"After that... give me the Mellyrn Seeds, Elf Soil Bag, Elessar, Weapon of Renown and for that weapon, I'll happily take the missing Elvish glaive, Aeglos, which was wielded by Gil-galad himself"

"I'll also take the Noldor Warriors for 100CP since they are my race and I get a discount. Give me the Ring of Power, and make it entirely out of Mithril"

"Lastly, give me Maglor Fëanorion and War Gear of the Dwarf-Lord... but change it, there is no point in having this if I can't wear it myself"

"I never chose my location but I want to arrive in Rivendell three days before the races of Middle-Earth meet to decide on who will take the Ring to Mount Doom"

As the final word leaves his lips, he blinks, and in that instant, he opens his eyes to a whole new world.


Where he was once in the dark abyss, now he stands on a massive ship that glides across the waves of the sea with grace.

Looking around, he sees nine other ships behind his, each of them most likely carrying a hundred of his Noldor Warriors, along with supplies.

His men stand silently at attention, awaiting orders as Imladris (Rivendell) can be seen on the horizon.

Looking down at his clothes, he wears well-kept and clean white robes with gold trimmings, over these robes is a set of mithril armor, it covers almost every inch of his body except his neck and head as he holds his helmet under his arm.

In his right hand, he holds the renowned weapon, Aeglos, a sign of power and authority for all elven-kind.

Feeling a tap on his shoulder, he turns to see a slightly taller elf with dark hair tied into a ponytail, slightly sun-kissed skin, grey eyes, and a charming smile.

The taller elf chuckles, "What is with the serious face, Evandor?"

The man in question blinks a few times before regaining his composure, giving a small smile, "Just planning my next move... I came to Middle-Earth despite everyone telling me not to. This place is said to be filled with nothing but greed, evil, and hatred"

Sitting on a barrel while taking a small bite of an apple, Maglor continues to listen.

"There are many routes that I could go, but for now, there is this coming meeting to decide on the fate of the One Ring... it's funny that they won't even know that I have a ring of my own"

This causes the bard to laugh out loud, "HAHAHA! Very true! but then again, yours isn't connected to evil"

Sitting his apple down, he gestures his thumb to the soldiers, "What do you plan to use your Golden Order for?"

Evandor adopts a face of seriousness, "as I said before, once this war against Sauron ends, I'll need to decide the fate of all Middle-Earth... even if that means doing things that you won't agree with"

The normally joyful bard chews the inside of his cheek, "I have been by your side for almost four centuries, I am your strongest ally and supporter... tell me your plan, please"

"After we defeat Sauron, I plan to take Mordor for myself, eradicating all forms of darkness, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Ologs, Balrogs, and even Dragons"

"Once I have cleared out all forms of corruption, I'll turn Mordor into a haven for all Elven-kind, it will be well defended with a constant garrison numbering in the many thousands"

"No longer will the cretins of Middle-Earth look down on Elves as a lesser species when we were the first to step foot on Arda"

Silence filled the ship until Maglor smiles at him, "I'm in! that's a grand idea, as long as you don't wage war out of greed or approve of slavery then I will always be by your side"

As the ships arrive at the port of Imladris, He sees Lord Elrond awaiting his arrival.


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