20 [Extra] 1: Quarantine Buddies

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[What kind of personalities lies beneath their characters¿]


One fairly normal day on the Lights' Vehicle Workshop… or so it was.

Marcus: (getting down the staircase while holding his phone) Oh, it was still pernicious outside because of that crown something. Ye need to wear this mask thing if ever you guys are heading out.

Ayesha: (walking out from the kitchen while wiping her hands with a towel) That's not good.

Sync: (sitting on the countertop, cross-legged) Crown something...

Marcus: (nods and hums) Hmm...

Sync: (nods his head unenthusiastically in return)

Marcus: Well, I don't often go out, though... So I guess I'll be fine.

Ayesha: Yes, me too! It's better to stay at home and watch some movies or read books! It's also nice to just watch the scenery outside the window!

Marcus: (sits on the sofa beside Ayesha)

Sync: Music, coffee, books, pen, and paper. That's all I need.

Dacron: (is sitting on top of the hood of the red under repair car) Oh, yeah? You won't last a day!

Sync: (quietly stares at Dacron with his cerulean eyes while taking a sip from his coffee)

Dacron: (nervously shivers)

Cooper: (leaning on the wall, staring down at Dacron, arms crossed on his chest) Pathetic.

Cooper: (rolls his eyes) You oaf is most possibly the one who won't last in this pandemic.

Marcus & Sync: (snickers while nodding) Ya bet.

Cooper: (exasperatedly sighs) Why am I even quarantined with you?

Dacron: (grins) Hah! We're quarantine buddies now, whether you like it or not!

Dacron: (childishly sticks out his tongue)

Darin: (is peeking at them outside the window and snickering while wearing a facemask)

Dacron: (his gaze narrowed at the young man by the window, indifferently) We should shut people out.

Darin: (dejectedly frowns underneath his mask) (sank his head from the high window)

Sync: (scoots away from Marcus, who's sitting on the couch near the counter) Distance yourself from lowly humans.

Marcus: (raises an eyebrow, unamused) Ha. Coffee maniac.

Sync: (raises his cup with a grin) As if you aren't. You're no better.

Ayesha: (cutely giggles at the two icebergs' banter)

Yeshua: (makes indecipherable noises from somewhere)

Arcadians: (pretends they did not hear anything)

Yeshua: (whines)

Charleston: (dramatically enters the scene from the backyard with a loud bang) You!


Charleston: Yes, You! Stay at home, and do your thing, anything. Leave the house if the situation is indeed necessary. Watch your food intake, and make sure that you eat healthy foods. Do some exercises, or do whatever.

Arcadians: …

Charleston: (raises an eyebrow, his arms crossed on his broad chest)

Arcadians: (stood up straight and salutes) Sir, yes, Sir!


Yeshua: (is sitting on a chair with his hands tied on his back, his body tightly bound with a rope, and his mouth covered with ducktape)

Yeshua: Mhmm!!! Mmm!.. Hmm...

Yeshua: (tearfully slumps on the floor while muffling)

Lumiar: [You have not formally appeared on the scene yet. Keep it down.]

Yeshua: (wails even louder)


[Well, that concludes the bonus chapter.]

[I created this for my school work about Corona Virus or Covid-19 a while, like, a few weeks back. I do not want it to just rot in my drafts, so I decided to publish it.]

[Hope you enjoyed this short interaction of our dear Arcadian characters!]

[Stay warm and breathe.]

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