Lost in New York City

Author: chelzsea
Contemporary Romance
Ongoing · 70.9K Views
  • 50 Chs
  • 4.9
    21 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is Lost in New York City

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Briana Vanedestine, a strong independent woman achieved all of her dreams, she became a famous author and CPA-Lawyer. One day, she went to New York to travel but suddenly she realized she was lost. She wasn't familiar with that place because it's her first time to travel alone. Briana saw a man, and that man was her first love. "After 16 years, we finally met." She whispered.

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Hi, Author here! First of all, I want to thank all of you for reading my story.🥰 Credits to the real owner of the image I used for the book cover. And my characters are flawed ones, they make mistakes, and they might disappoint you. But what I want you to realize is, there’s always room for character development and growth. I hope you all grow with me, as well as my characters, in every chapter I make. I hope you all stay with me until their stories are done. To be honest, I almost stopped writing this story, but I don’t want to just end this without a proper ending they deserve. And the reviews made me more motivated to finish this story. Your comments are all welcome!🤗 Thank you![img=recommend]


Really loved this story. I enjoyed it really well. Hope to see other books written by you . Waiting for you update soon❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


As I read through, I can say that the story has potential. It's an amazing concept of a story, added to the fact that the main character is also a writer. The light genre it gives off is what makes it more likable to the readers. I love it!


It's a very warm concept, it feels my heart with a lot of pleasing nature and tenderness of pure affection! It's awesome to see such writers grow! Keep up the good work, author!


This story was seriously worth the read after a long day! Well done author i will surely recommend this story to others! Cant wait to read more of Travis and Briana.


Lost in New York city. New york is the jungle of dreams, getting lost there could mean different things to a lot of people. I for one will enjoy getting lost in New York 😅😅. This is a good write up....


Currently read through chapter 30, the plot seems intriguing from what I have read so far. I am not really used to reading this type of genre, but from what I have thus far, the plot direction is more than enough to keep the readers hooked.


OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY! I m hooked, this story is shper awesome and interesting! Brianna is such a tough girl, i absolutely love her and the way the book is written and structured 😍😍😍 great job author ❤️


I enjoyed this book, the author captured so many different elements and made a wonderful story. It makes you feel very warm, very strong characters.


This book is amazing. I love the fact that the ML is a strong character and is independent. The author did a great job and I can't wait to continue reading .


I loved this book. Reading it, it was really sweet 😊😁. And relatable. The author took elements and made it her own. Even though the protagonist is a strong independent woman, she knows there's still something missing. And the element of a lost love, was beautiful. Good job Author. Keep writing. There's no fighting love.


How many people have met their first love or crush years later out of the blue. No matter how many years, there is still sentiment. Such a sweet story. I’m cheering for you Briana that you will get the guy of your dreams!


Forst love is not always easy to forget and moving on isn't easy either. The author has written this piece so well and it is an interesting read. Great job author


Nice read on a rainy day,,beside my window. I believe in fairy tales, and I wish Travis and bri have a happy ending at the the end. The story is heartwarming with realistic problems tbh.[img=coins]


The novel is interesting, entertaining. I am amazed by characters and their lives. It is modern story of love and it is really exciting. The Author is talented, I can see that by reading all these sentences which create such a good story.


The synopsis of the story is very catchy. I loved the characters and the story line. And to be honest I'm totally into the story to find more about what will happen to Briana and Travis. Good read!


I love the story. It was a great a companion to a cup of coffee while unwinding from a quite stressful day. I love how it is not laden with heavy problems and how each scene that unfolds is easy to read and to understand. Now, I know a lot will comment about the protagonist so let me comment about a side character I really love and her line, when asked what to do with Pain, she mentioned that, it means you are about to learn and grow. It reminds me of my own mom and it's nice that the author thinks of side characters too, giving them great lines like this not just the protagonist. all in all this is a unique and beautifully narrated book, I will totally recommend to everyone. so I living it with a perfect 5 stars review, hoping that the 5 star rating and the review helps the book to find more readers to read this gem. 💗💗💗


This story has a short and hooking synopsis that leaves the reader wanting to know more. Writers writing about a writer as their character is one way to a relatable story. It was a beautiful read. ❤


Job well done Author! It's a good story to read. The synopsis was very well-written, it is short but precise, the same with the prolouge, it is also very well-written and it was a neatly done to begin and introduce the story that it makes me think what happened to Briana 16yrs ago. And as I read further it makes me curious about what will happen to Travis and Brianna. Looking forward to read the rest of the story. 👍👍👍


seriously I loved the story...though there tiny bit of grammatical errors but the story is great...I wanna know will Brianna and Travis be together again...will Travis approach Brianna again I'm so curious. Good work author👌👌👌keep it up.


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