Reviews of Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel


Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel


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A nice novel easy to read. the grammar is decent and the paragraphs are clear. The author tries to establish a beginning of character building for the protagonist, which is a good thing while waiting to see how it will unfold in the future, I appreciate the chapters with the mystical beast cat reminds me of TOTCF. The first 28 chapters are worth reading while waiting for the other chapters!

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a very good novel I recommend it because there is almost no real fault that a reader can fault unless the Novel is not to his liking, and for all those who hate the harem this is for you and all those who like the harem (me too ) I recommend it because it is good to change habits🔥🔥🔥🔥


Author here! thank you for all the support you have given this work until now! I decided to write this review after the novel hit the 100 chapter mark. So you can expect many character growth both for the mc and the people around him. also the mc is gonna go into the dark path from now, keep that in mind. Bye bye then!


First 100 chapters are really good. Mc really takes advantage of his knowledge of the novel he read from the past life. It went suddenly downhill after 100 chapters author make it change and it seems forced to me. Author slowly nerfing the mc that he makes always now struggle and become a shonen protagonist that always survived in the plot armor.


The nerf came out of nowhere like author need to chill. He is strong yes but throwing the 'potential' he tried to acquire for many chapters and me reading through that. Brother you making me waste my time reading this. Some of your readers don't have the patience to do montage of him just realizing his dreams. I'm telling you this because I'm dropping it.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Mc got nerfed in ch 102[img=disgusted][img=disgusted]


The plot is good until the 100th chapter when the events seem a little forced and out of place. He has wasted every bit of potential he has attained. LOL. So the rating is 4/5 for people who plan to read the first 100 chapters, but it drops to 1/5 after that. You may decide for yourself.


only 12 chapters So far with good writing style n updates are regular, though not many characters are introduced but Butler seems interesting so far, World building seems promising but there is a little bit of info dump but it is negligible cuz I love the Mc but theye is more to Mc to explore.


I would've kept reading until you nerfed him massively in his fight against the qilin.... That was really uncalled for and the story even got boring as it went after that I couldn't go past 130 chapters, was a good read till u fcked up


Main satisfaction of this novel is strength that mc gains through story and that's all . There's nothing wrong with it it's nature of many great Chinese cultivation story's but it s getting quickly repetive power up nerf power up more It's truly sad that author didn't use more of word or side characters ... especially the last , side characters are treated very poorly .We get to know why there are important and how amazing they are talented only for author to treat them like ,, got ur 5 chapter now f off" I hope there will be more development in this direction from now on. More explanation about word and using settings of said word would also be appreciated because as for now it s fells like background for mc to find power ups not a living word . I will leave few thing I felt were missing from this word political scene reaction to mc power emotional connection to any of side characters character development other than ,, I refuse to be loser MORE POWER!'' More of noble environment and how mc deals with it More interactions with original game characters


it was pretty good till 100 chapters and I was enjoying it a lot but that Nerf ame out of nowhere and Destroyed the Novel's potential it looked really forced.had a good time till 100 chaps but dropping it because it would be to boring seeing him climb up the same level again.if the ever delete and rewrite the part update me


please don't make it harem but a single love interest who will help over come his twisted and insane personality would make it more interesting.


Read Till ch 120 and yeah, the nerf kinda felt unnecessary tbh, would've been great to have a academy arc but yeah Story was good at beginning went downhil later.


Author You really did a good job 👍 I really like the MC character and the world building is also good . And I just hope and request don't drop this because finally a novel that suits my taste with good grammar and character Keep updating author I will support you


RISE OF THE EVIL DRAGON :)) [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] NEED MORE


having a great time reading this book. very epic story. very awesome writing. magic is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. keep up great work author


It was pretty good at beginning. It’s just that I feel like the story is too focused on plot with very little fighting. He got super high mana affinity and the only fight he used it in was when he was holding back. That’s the other thing, why hold back so much? What’s the point when he wants to break off from family to go solo? Overall, its a decent read just not that blood pumping honestly.


novel aint good anymore after author nerfed mc,the whole story became messed up.First 50 chaps were like the author's pov and after 80 chaps it became like mushoku tensei.