9 Four Attributes, 24 Passive Skills (1)

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Zong Shen held his chin.

He continued to think.

Right now, there are two most important things in front of him.

The first was to collect resources.

The second was to explore the surrounding environment.

His territory was located on an open plain.

The grassland was lush, and the most lush place could even be higher than the knees.

There were also sparse trees, shrubs, stones, and colorful minerals.

These were the "resources" that Zong Shen could collect.

But other than that, Zong Shen had no idea what kind of property and danger there was in this area.

Now Colby's arrival undoubtedly solved the problem.

He could be a warrior as well as a scout.

The speed of the giant wolf beneath him reached 5.

One point faster than Zong Shen's old traveling horse.

At this moment, the three foolish farmers had already found their tools.


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