79 Chapter 77: Successful Scientific Research and Development, Fortifying Mummy

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After Richard had recruited the five undead soldiers of the Axe of the Dead troop, he immediately bestowed the Sand Transformation skill to all his troops.

This godly skill, which made countless contributions, had become the standard of Twilight City.

Looking at the powerful troop before him, he was in a joyous state of mind.

He looked at the other 15 undead soldiers. He could also upgrade to rare with the troop's lair's improvement.

However, after he looked at the attributes panel, he suddenly had a bizarre expression.

The resources needed to upgrade the troop were the same resources needed to recruit troops. There was no discount at all.

It would cost 60,000 gold coins, 60,000 units of wood, and 60,000 units of iron ore for 15 undead soldiers of Axe of the Dead troop to reach the rare-level upgrade.

It was 180,000 gold coins in total… It was simply a killer upgrade.

"So poor."

Richard looked up to the sky and sighed.


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