78 Chapter 76: Twilight City’s First Rare-Level Soldier

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Eight o'clock in the evening, sharp.

A system notification sounded in Richard's ear on time.

[Ding~ This week is timber resources week. The output of the logging field has increased by 1000 units per day. Lords, please arrange the production.]

[Ding~ The output of all the troop lairs has been refreshed. Lords, please recruit on your own.]

It finally came.

Richard was in a lively emotional state.

"Timber resources week... Unfortunately, Twilight City only occupies one small logging site. If it occupies 120, the harvest in a week would be considerable. The desert is indeed a worthy place where resources are exhausted. The density of refreshed resource points is much less than other terrains."

These few days, Richard had deliberately learned about it on the forum.

If it was a plain or normal land, the resource points would refresh very densely. One could even see one in ten minutes.


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