Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Billions of people around the world were transmigrated to the game world of “Shining Era.” Everyone became lords and possessed their own land. They recruited troops, gathered resources, occupied mines, attacked cities and built up their empires. In this world of lords, the most important resource was the troop lairs where they could recruit troops. However, the potential of these lairs was fixed. If anyone wanted to obtain a top-level troop, they could only do so by defeating powerful wild troops and occupying their lairs. However, Richard discovered that he could actually improve the level of troop lairs directly. From then on, various powerful troops were groomed by him. When the other players were still leaping with joy from obtaining a high-level troop, behind Richard were a Desert Pharoah, a Demonic Scorpion King, a Mechanical Giant, a Demon Baron, a Blood Archduke, a Five-colored Evil Dragon, and a Fallen Angel. From that day on, a prosperous and dazzling oasis city was established in the desert. As for Richard, he became the ruler of the desert.

Carp Blowing Bubbles · Sci-fi
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1157 Chs

Chapter 55: I Have a Sister Who Likes to Wear Black Silk

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After Richard left the olive forest in a beautiful mood, he led his troop and headed east to scan the map.

Today, he planned to capture a medium-sized gold mine that a half-metal giant guarded.

He was deeply impressed by those big men who had entire defense and were outrageous.

However, a powerful weapon gave him strong confidence after the troop production refreshed and the number of the Axe of the Dead increased.

'Let's see if you panic with a 30% chance of dying.'

Moreover, he wasn't afraid of any problems because of Sand Transformation. A particular skill with a natural defense against physical damage.

At worst, he could just use Sand Transformation to escape.

With a powerful trump card, Richard had nothing to fear.

On the way, he opened the [Forum Chat].

He didn't know how the lord-tier players were doing after troop production refreshed the other day.