222 Chapter 189: Frightened Jonah Thorin

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Richard made up a story with a serious face.

"This robe is a specialty of Twilight City. It composes of 128 kinds of subtle materials. And it is highly costly to produce.

"It has strapping characteristics. First, it can absorb heat and keep the body cool when it is hot.

"Even under the heat of the desert, it's like bathing in the mountain cool spring water.

"Second, it can release heat when it's cold. So the wearer can maintain the most comfortable state at all times.

"Even if ice and snow surround the outside, it's like being in a warm room with red charcoal fire.

"Third, because of the additional magic materials, it has the strapping characteristics of recovering stamina and mana.

"This is the production blueprint we obtained from the ancient ruins.

"In the "Shining Era", this was the most beloved robe of the ruler of the death desert. Its name was the Crown Robe."


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