12 Chapter 10: A Lot of Harvests

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Richard was extremely satisfied with the mummies.

Not only were they not afraid of pain and death in battle, they were also remarkably strong. Together with the Sand Transformation skill, they could even sneak attack from underground.

More importantly, they did not need to worry about the transportation of food, water, and supplies. They did not even need to consume food. Was there anything better than this in the world?

What the cows ate was grass, and what they squeezed out was milk. The mummies did not even need to eat grass and were not directly milked like cows.

In stark contrast, the three long-armed laborers beside him had their mouths split open.

Putting aside their ranks, these soldiers could not even survive in the desert.

"With the harsh living environment of the desert, in the future, we should choose soldiers that do not require transportation of food, water, and supplies..."

In his thoughts, Richard confirmed the direction of the troop development in Twilight City.

"Bring the desert wolves back to the territory."

After dispelling the plague, the desert wolves had undoubtedly become precious food.

For Twilight City, which only had a few days of rations, this was simply a life-saving straw.

The long-armed laborers cheered and lifted the desert wolves in a flurry.

However, three long-armed laborers were barely able to lift one. The mummy had no choice but to participate in the transportation of the desert wolves' corpses.

From the looks of it, Richard estimated that a desert wolf weighed more than 200 pounds.

A few of the larger ones weighed more than 300 pounds.

With such a big harvest, his mood became more and more cheerful.

When the wolves were placed in front of the Lord's mansion, they immediately caused a commotion among the residents.

They squeezed into a pile, tiptoed, and stretched their necks to look inside.

"Oh my god, what a big wild wolf..."

"Hiss, these wild beasts are probably at the elite level!"

"These are desert wild wolves. They're extremely ferocious. Ten ordinary people, one of them can only wait for death..."

"Lord, you're too strong!!"

"It's truly amazing..."

Everyone was stunned.

Karu, who had just been appointed as the Administrative Officer, pushed through the crowd and squeezed to Richard's side. His old body felt a little younger after seeing the wild wolves on the ground.

He respectfully held his chest and saluted.

"Good day, Lord..."

Richard nodded slightly.

"Later, get someone to cut up these wild wolves and store their fur. Some of them will be made into fur cloth, and some will be used as food for the residents."

Karu immediately bowed in excitement.

"Thank you for your generosity. It is our honor to meet such a great lord like you..."

Richard did not care about the other party's gratitude.

These people were all the wealth of Twilight City. There was nothing strange about feeding his lamb with grass. He was still waiting for the other party to produce milk.

"No need to be so polite. As the Lord of Twilight City, it is only right for me to protect you."

"There are still ten desert wolves' corpses that have yet to be retrieved. Send someone to carry them back with the four mummies."

Karu was pleasantly surprised.

"There were truly more?"

"Alright, Lord!"

Richard nodded and continued to ask.

"How are the residents doing?"

"Reporting, there are a total of 15 people who have specialties. Among them, there are five basic blacksmiths, three basic carpenters, five basic tailors, and two basic builders."

Lifestyle classes were divided into basic, intermediate, advanced, special, master, and extraordinary classes.

The higher the level, the higher the level of the items that could be produced.

Although they were all basic talents, there were 15 out of 100 people. This ratio was not bad.

Richard looked at the residents beside him.

"Send five blacksmiths to work in the blacksmith shop. I have already occupied an iron mine. It won't be long before I can produce a large number of them."

"Five tailors can take care of the wild wolf's fur and see how to use it better."

After making some arrangements, Richard pointed at the three long-armed laborers who were somewhat reserved.

"I've already conquered the three resource points you mentioned."

"At the same time, I subdued these long-armed laborers in the quarry. There are a total of 30 of them."

"I've placed 7 in the quarry, 10 in the iron mine, and 10 in the logging field."

"The remaining 3 here, let them transport food and water to these resource points in the future."

Twilight City's territory attributes were very special. Under Richard's protection, the residents of Twilight City would not get lost in the desert, and at the same time, their stamina consumption would be reduced by 20%.

These 3 extra drudges were put to good use.

Karu immediately agreed.

"As you wish."

Soon, the residents who received the order began to get busy.

More than 30 strong residents were led by four mummies to carry the wild wolf corpses.

Another 4 or 5 residents brought 3 long-armed laborers with dry food and water to the resource point to deliver supplies.

The residents who remained in the territory began to get busy.

A wolf weighing 200 to 300 pounds was a lot of work.

The residents moved the wild wolf to the only well in Twilight City. Then, they took out a big pot from somewhere and began to boil water.

Richard stood at the side and watched this scene silently.

The lively scene was like the New Year celebrations when he was a child.

The residents with smiles on their faces were particularly infectious.

The more rustic they were, the more touching they were.

His sense of strangeness to this world had quietly disappeared a lot.

After observing the surroundings for a moment, his gaze was attracted by the well.

Water was the absolute lifeline in the desert.

The construction of the well in Twilight City was very primitive.

Deep pits were dug in the ground to the location of the underground water. And stones were built around the pits to hold the soil in place so that it would not collapse.

After the underground water seeped out, they tied the barrel with a rope and hung it up.

This well was placed in the home of an ordinary resident and could be used by a dozen people without any problems.

However, this was Twilight City. It was Richard's territory.

With only this well, what would happen to the development of the city in the future?

Richard felt a little uneasy.

While he was thinking, the white-haired Karu walked to his side.

The old man wiped the sweat off his forehead. His thin and weak body was like a tree that had shed leaves in winter.

However, his old body could not offset his excitement.

"My Lord, I have just estimated that after removing the fur, bones, and internal organs, each wild wolf can leave about 150 units of meat. Twenty-five wild wolves can produce a total of nearly 4,000 units."

According to the system's calculations, one kilogram of food was one unit.

"Moreover, the internal organs and bones can also be eaten. Just this food alone will be enough for us to last for three days."

"The meat can be dried and stored. Four thousand units are enough for us to consume for 20 days."

"With this calculation, including our original food, our current reserves are enough for us to consume for 25 days. Save a little bit, and a month will be easy."

Karu's tone was exceptionally excited, and the wrinkles on his face had eased a lot.

Richard nodded. The harvest from this trip was indeed rich.

Three resource points, 30 long-armed laborers, level 2 mummies, and a huge amount of food from the hunt... 

...It could be said to be a huge profit.

But at this time, Richard's mind was attracted by other things.

Pointing at the well in front of him, he asked in a deep voice.

"Is there a water source around the territory?"

Karu shook his head.

"No, we didn't find it. It was because we found this well a few days ago that we decided to leave it behind..."

After saying that, Karu looked a little hesitant.

"My Lord, we might be able to arrange for a portion of our people to search for a water source, or rebuild a well."

"The water output from this well isn't enough. These few days, the water supply for over a hundred people is very tight. If this goes on, I'm afraid... I'm afraid the water in the well will dry up."

Richard raised his eyebrows.

Lack of water was a fatal thing in the desert.

If there was nothing to eat, they could go hunting. If there was no water to drink, they would die.

They couldn't see anything yet, but if they developed in the future, this small well that used primitive methods to fetch water would probably be unable to bear the burden.

The excitement of hunting more than 20 wild wolves decreased a lot.

"I'll think of a way to deal with this. Go and see if anyone knows how to find a water source or dig a well."

"Yes, Lord."

When Karu left, Richard directly opened the [Forum Chat].

He searched for keywords 'lack of water sources'.

Instantly, hundreds of thousands of posts appeared.

[My territory is high up in the mountains. There's no water around. What should I do? I won't die of thirst, right?]

[Asking for help, how can I solve this problem without fresh water on the territory? Not to mention distillation, the efficiency is too low. The amount of water distilled is not even enough for the residents of my territory to drink around.]

[There's a level 10 giant bear outside my territory. It's been blocking me for half a day. I'm dying of thirst. Who can give me some water to drink?]

Richard was dumbfounded.

Most of these posts were asking for help. Richard only found a valuable one after sifting through them for a long time.

[I just picked up a 3-star treasure chest in the wild, but after opening it, I only got one treasure fragment -- spring water fragment. Three fragments can be combined into a 1-star resource treasure, spring water!!!]

[What the f*ck is the use of this!! When I went out, I was surrounded by river!!! I regret it. If I had known earlier, I would have sold it in exchange for some food! Damn it, there were 200 refugees in the territory just now, and tomorrow we will run out of food!!]

"1-star resource treasure?"

"Spring water?"

Richard's eyes immediately lit up.

These sand sculpture players were indeed valuable.

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