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Lord of the Witches


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[A crossover between Lord of the mysteries and Release that witch.] [Quotes are frequently used so don't read if you don't like to read quotes.] [Release rate:-3 chapters per week.] [I don't own Release that witch or Lord of the mysteries.] [The theme will be a little dark and twisted along with a slow-paced story where I would focus more on character building.] [Those who have not read either of the two novels need not worry as I shall explain everything in detail.] [We will discover more about our M.C as the story progresses along with his goals and wishes.] [The first volume is about the future of Kite whereas I first world (Second volume) is the past. It may seem like the story is going fast but actually, I am only telling you about the past world. Also, I know that I have not given much screen time to the M.C in the beginning chapters but after some chapters, everything will be clear for you. Near chapter 50 the story will truly begin from M.C pov so please bear with it as I need to make a fitting background for all characters thus require so many chapters to focus on them, after all, they are the important characters of the story which will even go to the next volume (Lord of the mysteries world).] [No harem and the female lead will be Nightingale....] [Only constructive criticism is required other reviews will be deleted since I don't need your opinion on how MY story should proceed.] [Plz support my novels and check out my other novels.] [Recommend:- "Painful love:- Blessing in disguise" is a good romance, an original story being written by my friend so please check it out too.] [Won't be dropped but the release will be slow as I mentioned above since I will focus on my main novel.] [Please vote, comment and rate the novel.] [Average word counts:-800-1000 words.] [Discord link:-https://discord.gg/tQ7FCHH]


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