Lord of the Truth

Robin Burton is a young man who grow with everything anyone can hope for, immense talent for cultivation, sharp mind, a wealthy family that will stop at nothing to protect and nurture him He had everything... except the willingness to take them. "Why would I take the same route as my ancestors ? why should I become stronger? to beat this and compete with that..? At the end of this road what will happen? get a harem then die and be forgotten after a few years? NO! That is not what I got my talent for... THAT IS NOT WHAT I WAS BORN FOR! what I want is more... much more. I refuse... I will not take anyone's route, I will make my own... I do not want to be a legendary figure, I will be THE Legend.. I.. Robin.. will do it my way, or die trying." This is the story of a Researcher, a Warlord and... A Planetary Emperor.

TruthTeller · War
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785 Chs


"Big brother, why did you tell me to do my best? The reactions of those spectators made me feel uneasy... I'm afraid today's events will not go unnoticed," said Caesar as he walked behind Robin.

"Don't worry, everything is under control," Robin replied firmly. "I need you on another urgent mission."

"What is it? Just say it and consider it done," said Caesar, hitting his chest with his hand

"Take Peon and go clean house No. 208! Burn the trash we don't need, and if you find treasures or anything of value inside, distribute them between you and the rest.. It's time to get the hell out of my house and give me some peace!"

"Haha, then today we are moving, you will have your peace don't worry, I want to see who can take something from us again!"

Not much passed before they reached the residential area, but when they approached their house they found someone standing in front of him with a chariot being tried by mighty horses. It was Uncle Brown, "Mr. Caesar, lady Mila wants to meet you, please follow me."

Caesar did not answer him and looked at Robin, waiting to tell him what to do, when he heard him saying, " lady Mila is our protector, and it is only natural to show her at least this amount of respect, Let's go. Peon, you clean the trash alone." Then he gestured for Peon to head towards house 208 as he stood smiling at Uncle Brown.

His actions left Brown Bradley quite surprised. The invitation was explicitly addressed to Caesar only, but he restrained himself from saying anything further.

Caesar's actions are clear, he was very attached to this big brother of his, Brown Bradley could only sigh "Okay then.. Get in the chariot, we'll leave immediately."


The distance between the institution and lady Mila's manor was about ten minutes, then Uncle Brown led the two of them to the same spacious hall from before, but this time they found a sexy, beautiful mature woman sitting in the middle of it.

"Caesar Burton, when I first saw you here, I thought you were a side character, who would have thought you are the real star! Come on, I think we should remake our relationship," Mila said with a big smile and pointed toward the empty seat right in front of her.

Before anyone could say another word, the door slammed open and entered a burly man with an aura that left everyone suffocated, "Haha, Mila! looks like you found a real gem for us this time."

"Oh? dad..." Mila frowned slightly

This was Galan Bradley, the current head of the Bradley family and the absolute ruler of the duchy.

Galan Bradley scanned everyone in the room quickly before stopping at Caesar and smiled, "This aura cannot be produced by an ordinary 8th level cultivator, good... very good." Galan advanced and patted Caesar on the shoulder twice, then went to sit on the main chair and pointed to Caesar to sit on the third and last chair.

But to his surprise, Caesar did not listen to his command, but looked at his brother in silence, waiting for him to tell him what to do.

This was the first time that Galan noticed the presence of Robin in the room.

While Galan was about to ask Brown to escort Robin out, he was surprised that Robin moved on his own and sat on the third chair, while Caesar stood silently behind him.

this move angered the Duke greatly, "Who asked to sit down?!"

"You seem to have a little misunderstanding, Your majesty, believe me... the one you want to sit here is me, not my brother," Robin said with a smile

"I want a young man who has shown talent and strength that makes him the number one genius of the kingdom, is that you?" Galan replied sarcastically, if it weren't for Caesar he would have smacked Robin dead by now

"No, but I made him."

" What do you mean exactly?"

"Your majesty, someone like you sure has a lot of work to do, so let's speak frankly. the reason lady Mila invited us here and the reason you came here yourself, isn't to meet the *talented young man*, but to make Caesar hand over the details of what he showed in the fight, right?"

"Heh~ You're weak but at least you're not stupid, yeah.. I want the white candle, or whatever that was."

"But you won't have it."

"And what are you to tell me what I can or cannot do?!" Galan roared, this little boy is really a master provocateur!

"Me? Just a mad scientist, I suppose... but I'm not someone from the streets! I'm a son of the Burton family of the Duchy of Alton."

Mila interjected, "don't you dare use that card! your family doesn't even know you're here. If your relationship is good, why did you come asking for shelter?"

Galan laughed in anger, "Huh? Hahaha, are you threatening me with a family that barely holds an Earldom? Do you understand the difference between a Duke and an Earl?!"

"To answer your question first, lady Mila. more than a thousand people have seen what Caesar can do and heard his name quite loudly from me, what happened today will spread like wildfire in no time, I don't rule out that those from the Burton family have already heard Caesar's name while we are talking here!

as for why I came here and didn't return directly to my family, it wasn't because we have a grudge, but because I don't like the idea of being at the mercy of anyone."

"...But you are at our mercy now." Mila narrowed her eyes, clearly still not understanding where he was getting at

"No, my lady, perhaps a few hours ago I would have been at your mercy, but not anymore..not after the name of my greatest achievement *Caesar Burton* has spread!

what's a Duke and an Earl? Caesar has shown peerless talent, even a brainless idiot would know that Caesar would at least become sage! making a move against us would be a crime against a future powerhouse, it's a crime against the Duchy of Alton and against all the black sun kingdom, The Burtons may be nothing to you, but what about the Altons?"

"the Altons? you shameless thing! do they even know you? you think they would care if you and your brother disappeared today?"

"'it has nothing to do with blood relations and vengeance, it's about politics. it always is, isn't it? the Duchy of Alton will work with the Burtons and have justice on their side, they will take advantage of the situation to get the approval of the royal family and other duchies to impose penalties on you or even take the opportunity to take your lands and titles.

if we go back to our family they will take advantage of us, if you keep us here for the white candle, then they will take advantage of you. it's as simple as that, it won't matter whose blood they will suck! this is human nature...

trust me, any kind of move against me would be extremely unwise"

Galan went silent for a few seconds "...So you used us to escape your family's control, and now you are using your family to…."

"That's right your majesty, I'm just balancing the scales."