140 An Epic Victory

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The battle ended before noon.

The Sun was scorching hot.

The thick smell of blood spread along with the high temperature.

Outside the western city wall, Jackalans corpses filled with arrows were everywhere. They were trampled by the hooves of the horses, like torn sacks, lying on the edge of the lake.

Layer upon layer, it was like a Jackalan slaughterhouse.

These were nearly thousand of corpses.

Fresh blood formed into a stream, flowing through the soil into the lake. This small lake, which should be called a pond, was dyed red. The water channels let the polluted water flowed into the agricultural area, dyeing the cultivated wheat fields with layers of blood color.

There was a bright and seductive red colors everywhere, the blood flowed out from the countless Jackalan corpses.

It was a cruel battlefield.

At this moment, there was no killing force at the scene.


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