1379 Combining Forces

Translator: CKtalon

The "curtain" that enveloped the Antigonus palace instantly vanished. An indescribable aura returned to reality, causing the entire astral world to shake.

Outside the world barrier that was covered in cracks, the terrifying, indescribable faces suddenly changed.

The invisible barrier began to tremble violently as if it would collapse at any moment.

Every continent on the planet within experienced an earthquake. It wasn't a serious one, just rather obvious.

Above the Five Seas, waves surged, as if they had encountered a sudden tidal force.

Amid the "noon" sky, the crimson moon suddenly appeared. Its color became extremely saturated and expanded in an exaggerated manner. It was as if it had hung off the roofs of every house. Other than that, the Brown Planet, Orange Planet, Scarlet Planet, Gold Planet, and Blue Planet lit up at the same time, emitting light of different textures.


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