1378 Change of Plans

Translator: CKtalon

On the different Amons' faces, the monocles in different forms emitted pure light.

This was something "They" had stolen from the depths of the ruins of the battle of gods. It came from the Ancient Sun God's eternal daytime effect there. It could purify filthy and evil objects, and awaken sleeping creatures.

"They" "gifted" this to Klein.

This, combined with the ability to control the strength of seals obtained from the Apprentice domain's authority, was enough to break the state of eternal slumber.

In that instant, the mental imprint of Antigonus and the will of the Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth for Blessings in Klein's body awakened. The madness, the vastness, cruelty, bloodthirstiness, and coldness were like an invisible storm that wreaked havoc in Klein's mind.


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