Lord of Mysteries:Fire of Destruction

A world thats rushing towards a dark ending. An slave traveler that yearns for his freedom. A fire that will consume anyone who stays behind. Will he be able to break the chains that bound him and reach the peak or will he just die like a sheep waiting to be slaughter. Wach him rise from the bottom and tries to discover why he came here. To save the world or rush it to that dark ending. This is a story of a traveler _________________________________________ Notes-Welcome to all new readers. This story was first published in the Novels section and only recently I have moved it to the fanfic part, in case you are wondering why there are two stories with the same name, that is why. I want to say that I am not a professional and that English is not my mother tongue so I hope you can forgive me for any spelling mistakes.

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Chapter 15:A commission to meet Miss Sherift.

When Adryan came out of the basement, he said goodbye to Robert and left the club.

Taking another public carriage, Adryan headed back to Bravehearts Bar.

Entering the bar, which was quite lively, he turned to the bartender and again asked to speak to the old man.

The old man was still in the same room as always and Maric was still with him playing cards with his zombies.

'It's like watching Naruto play cards with his clones, kind of sad honestly, doesn't Miss Sharron like to play cards?'

Insulting Maric in his mind without him realizing it, Adryan nodded to him again but was ignored again.

Without giving importance to that, Adryan addressed the old man again.

"What do you want now?" the old man asked with annoyance since Adryan always seemed to look for him like a lost puppy.

"I want to leave a commission to meet a person."

Adryan didn't care at all for the old man's tone and stated his reason for coming to see him.

"Well, do you have any details about the person you're looking for or information that would be useful in finding them?"

"It's a woman, she is very short, 152 cm in height. She has soft facial features, making her appear to be young and immature. She has shoulder-length blond hair and although is messy and unkempt, she carries an indescribable look of dignity and a convincing charm. She also has malt-colored skin and frequents East Backlund a lot and her name is Xio Derecha"

The old man didn't expect Adryan to have so many details about the person he was looking for and even Maric couldn't help but stop looking at his cards and stare at the redhead.

But the redhead didn't care about the look of the 2 and kept talking.

"The commission consists of bringing her here to Bravehearts Bar so that I can meet her and as a reward, it will be 20 pounds"

"I will be here every afternoon from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m."

Coming out of surprise, the old man stared at the redhead before sighing.

"It will be 1 pound for the commission to be published"

Adryan gave him the money and left, but not before saying goodbye to Maric, nodding his head, but he ignored him again while he continued playing cards with his zombies.

Returning to his house, Adryan went back into his room and prepared himself a 'Steak' and while he ate his late lunch the redhead began to think about the plan to follow.

Mr. Eye of Wisdom's next party would be in two days so he still had time.

The 'Hunter' potion only had less than half left to digest so by using the club to legally go hunting he could digest it during this week or half of next week.

Today was Monday, June 5, 1349....

Nine days had passed since he woke up in that cave.

There was little more than a month left before Mr. Fool fell from the Sefira Castle.

He had to find a way to join the Tarot Club for the formulas, materials, information and money.

Adryan was not even going to dare to look for the Card of Blasphemy that was being guarded by a certain evil spirit.

Joining the hunting club got a surprise when he met Mr. Grievius who was a 'provoker' so the following formula was assured as long as he was willing to sell it.

The fact of meeting Xio was nothing more than her taking him to the party organized by Mr. A.

Obviously, Adryan was going to pay her for it so he didn't have to worry too much about it.

With all that planned, Adryan left the house again, and taking a public carriage again, he headed to the forest to hunt.

When it was 18:00 Adryan managed to reach the forest he was dressed in a black vest and a simple shirt with his revolver under his left armpit and he was wearing a belt full of everything he would need for hunting.

He had gone shopping for hunting clothes and hunting tools in the three days he had searched for the ingredients for the potion.

Going deeper into the forest, Adryan wasted no time in beginning to survey his hunting ground.

When he was still Joa he always wanted to be a hunter and he had read several books regarding hunting but when he reached the age of 16 years old, his tastes changed and he was studying to become an architect like his grandfather....

Leaving the past behind, he could use the knowledge of those books to his advantage now.

A hunter always has to be aware of his surroundings and always has to be careful not to become the prey.

Sensing signs of digestion, Adryan knew he had found another of the rules of acting.

After learning his hunting ground well, Adryan began to look for signs of animals in his surroundings.

It didn't take him long to find poop from what appeared to be a deer.

Quickly using the Hunter's tracking skills, Adryan managed to find the area where the deer was most active.

Pulling out the hunting tools Adrian quickly set up several traps to catch the deer.

Climbing to the top of a nearby tree, Adryan waited for the deer to pass through his traps.

And so time passed and 6 hours passed that Adryan waited...

When they were about to spend 7 hours a large deer ran past Adryan's traps activating them.

This caused the animal to be suspended upside down in the air with no chance of escape.

Adrian who had been waiting quickly jumped out of the tree and plunged his hunting knife into the deer's neck causing the animal's rapid death.

Adryan quickly gutted, skinned, and cut what meat he could take with him.

He took down what was left of the deer's body and buried it.

A hunter does not waste a prey and takes all he can of it.

Another of the rules for acting as a 'Hunter' was that a hunter has to be patient and wait for the right moment to strike.

Another good part of the potion was digested due to hunting and because he managed to discover all the acting rules of the 'Hunter'.

Two more hunts and the potion would be fully digested.

With everything packed up, Adryan proceeded to leave the forest at 1:00 am and headed home.

This time he had to walk home because the public carriages were only available until 22:00...

It took him an hour and a half to get home and the first thing he did was put away the deer meat and skin and lay it out to work with during the week.

Taking a shower Adryan headed to his bed and quickly fell asleep after a productive day.