Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability

Sequel to Lord of Mysteries

Cuttlefish That Loves Diving · Fantasy
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888 Chs

The Most Special Point

Translator: CKtalon

A true god is unique… What does that mean? Is it impossible for another Primordial Demoness to exist, whether in a mirror or a painting? Franca pondered over the Demoness of Black's final words, sensing they held critical mysticism knowledge.

As for Clarice's speculation about the Primordial Demoness's projection in the mirror undergoing some changes, Franca had thought the same before. When the Demoness of Black obtained the black Primordial Demoness figurine, she had nonchalantly mentioned, "The Mirror People believe in the mirrored Primordial One, but it's actually just a projection of the Primordial One in the mirror." She didn't explain further, and at that time, Franca had already guessed that perhaps the projection had undergone some changes.