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Our Lucky MC Lorien finds himself in face of a very important decision Either stay in his world and continue with his short and normal life Or Journey into the infinite void where countless worlds and infinite possibilities exist -- Worlds: Demon Slayer (Finished)  -> Highschool of the Dead (Finished) -> Jujutsu Kaisen (Finished) -> Chainsawman (Current). Planned Worlds: (Shakugan no Shana...) Possible Worlds:(One piece, Naruto, TODG, BTTH...) -- Release Schedule: Once every 2/3 days -- Ps: No System -- DISCLAIMER(1): All things that are written in this novel are pure work of fiction that has no connection with reality, it's all pure imagination used to pass the time and nothing more! Be it social, political, or religious, so be warned and read at your own discretion, manage your reading time well, and don't get disconnected from real life DISCLAIMER(2): I obviously don't own any of the original already existing worlds I will or already wrote about, all rights belong to their respective owners DISCLAIMER(3): The background of the cover is made by Rachelblandon (Deviantart), and is available for both personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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You are a reality warper, aren't you?

At that climactic moment, the tension in the air was soon transformed into pure shock, swiftly followed by a sense of dread as the gathered spectators at the edge of the forest witnessed a scene that defied their understanding.

As Lorien's ethereal, multicolored sword slash met Gojo's intense purple mass of energy, both powers seemed to halt abruptly in their tracks.


It was as though time and space itself had come to a standstill, and the world began to glitch as if reality was struggling to comprehend the interaction between these two extraordinary attacks with similar attributes.

However, In a sudden moment, the world appeared to have finally made its choice as it started to twitch and glitch like an old television screen from the 90s before Gojo's attack began to disintegrate.

The erasure of Gojo's attack was akin to someone taking an eraser to a piece of painting, and wiping away its existence from the canvas of the world.

Seeing this, a heavy, oppressive silence enveloped the onlookers as words failed them, their minds grappling with the impossible scene unfolding before their eyes.

Right now, everything they once thought they knew was now being shattered to pieces.

However, of all present, Gojo was perhaps the most shocked as he knew better than anyone else the true power of his own move.

It's just that he didn't think of it now, or to be precise, he had no time to do so as he could see that even after erasing his attack, that slash didn't diminish in the slightest so he had to get ready to avoid it.

'I can't block it!'

But just as he prepared to teleport away, the sword slash seemed to freeze mid-air before vanishing on its own.

Seeing this, the crowd watching from a distance collectively sighed in relief, at least for the time being that is.

However, Gojo felt no joy because of this turn of events as he looked toward Lorien, this is honestly the first time in his life that he felt so underestimated.

"Why did you stop?" He asked.

And hearing this, Lorien replied.

"I just wanted to see if pure energy combined with ability could outmatch rules; however, it seems that your strength isn't quite there yet..."

Not bothering to explain any further, Lorien smiled and continued

"I just want to keep fighting; you're the first person to make me feel endangered; your strength level is very rare among those below the rule level."

In truth, Lorien didn't want to end the battle just yet as he still wanted to fully analyze Gojo's technique.

Right now, he had managed to study a significant portion of it, but there were still aspects that eluded him, such as Domain Expansion and other applications involving the use of space.

Not to mention, even if he managed to fully decipher this ability, Lorien still had no intention of killing him, after all, Gojo had been one of his favorite characters before he arrived in this world.

As long as Gojo doesn't provoke him, Lorien won't kill him, especially given that he was in the process of copying his technique and ability.

Killing someone whom you have a favorable impression of after stealing their ability is too much even for someone who is as unscrupulous as Lorien.

'Tsk, that's too evil.'

Gojo, however, was unaware of Lorien's thoughts, instead, he used this brief pause in the battle to reflect on what had just transpired.

'What is his ability?'

'Moreover, what is he speaking about.'

'Before attacking, he said something about physics and laws.'

'And now, he said it again so it probably means something, unless, he is bluffing, however, I don't think he is.'

'Laws, Rules...'

'OH RIGHT! What did he say earlier again?!'

'Right! it's Dream and Reality...'

As Gojo mulled over these thoughts, his eyes shone brighter, as if he had suddenly pieced together some great thousand years old puzzle, it's just that as he did, a feeling of disbelief filled him.

'Is it really possible?'

However, Gojo's spirit and willpower are really strong enough, so despite guessing something, he didn't feel any fear, rather, a fighting intent that he never knew existed was suddenly born.


'I really want to try!'

It's just that feeling this fighting spirit, Lorien couldn't help but feel bewildered, wondering what had gotten into his opponent.

'Hey, did he break his brain? that would be bad for this world.'

'Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, just imagine Gojo turning into a villain, that would be a sight to see.'

Briefly entertained by this notion, a look of interest appeared in Lorien's eyes, however, before they could grow, they were quickly extinguished by his rationality.

Shaking his head, he threw those messy thoughts aside as he asked Gojo.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? Don't you want to continue fighting? I haven't seen the full extent of your ability yet."

However, hearing this, Gojo didn't answer, choosing to remain silent, however, this didn't last long as he finally spoke with conviction.

"I know your ability!"


Intrigued, Lorien smirked, not taking Gojo's claim too seriously.

"And what may it be?"

However, just as Lorien was feeling amused, Gojo's next response left him momentarily dumbfounded as his eyes widened in surprise.

"Your ability; It is to turn your Imagination into Reality, or maybe it's Dreams into Reality, I am not sure."

Saying this, Gojo's narrowed as he became more sure of his guess after catching Lorien's reaction.

"I don't know if it's a cursed technique or if you are born like that, however, this would explain your abilities and the lack of curse energy, otherwise, my eyes would have easily detected it."

Pausing briefly, Gojo delivered his final deduction, sounding more like a declaration than a question.

"You are what they call a Reality Warper, aren't you? Or at least something like that."

Hearing this Lorien snapped out of his shock, and stared intently at Gojo before bursting into laughter.

"HAHAHAHA, This is really interesting! You are the first person to figure it out!"

Wiping away a small tear from the corner of his eye, Lorien smiled provokingly.

"I really hate smart people, however, even if you guessed it right, what are you going to do about it?"


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