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Our Lucky MC Lorien finds himself in face of a very important decision Either stay in his world and continue with his short and normal life Or Journey into the infinite void where countless worlds and infinite possibilities exist -- Worlds: Demon Slayer (Finished)  -> Highschool of the Dead (Finished) -> Jujutsu Kaisen (Finished) -> Chainsawman (Current). Planned Worlds: (Shakugan no Shana...) Possible Worlds:(One piece, Naruto, TODG, BTTH...) -- Release Schedule: Once every 2/3 days -- Ps: No System -- DISCLAIMER(1): All things that are written in this novel are pure work of fiction that has no connection with reality, it's all pure imagination used to pass the time and nothing more! Be it social, political, or religious, so be warned and read at your own discretion, manage your reading time well, and don't get disconnected from real life DISCLAIMER(2): I obviously don't own any of the original already existing worlds I will or already wrote about, all rights belong to their respective owners DISCLAIMER(3): The background of the cover is made by Rachelblandon (Deviantart), and is available for both personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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True Power

"It seems that I've underestimated you quite a bit...King of Curses"

Saying this in an eerily calm tone, the relaxed expression on Lorien's face slowly faded away turning into a serious one as he decided to give his opponent enough respect.

'There is no need to play around anymore...'

'I don't care about seeing any expressions or reactions.'

'This is not someone that I should face jokingly as his personality demands some respect.'

'So, at the very least, Let me give him a proper burial!'

With this decision being taken, the way Lorien used his power instantly changed as he started flaring his aura for the first time since the battle began.

Previously, while Lorien was visible to the naked eye, his presence was actually inexistent as thanks to his perfect control over power and to his reality-warping powers, he was basically 'one with nature'.

This made it so that earlier, no matter how Sukuna or any of Lorien's other opponent tried to perceive his presence, they had to do it through their five senses.

However, all of this was thrown out of the window right now as in Sukuna's perception, the 'emptiness' in front of him suddenly transformed into an abyss-like existence that swallowed heaven and earth.

With Lorien's aura piercing through the fabrics of reality making the world itself creak like old wooden boards, his reality-warping power also began manifesting itself freely with utterly no constraints.

Right now, if anyone with reality, dream, cause and effect, karma related ability, or any law-level being for that matter were to look at the space covered by Lorien's divine sense, they'd immediately notice a horrifying fact.

At this moment, it was as if someone had forcefully seized control of the world's authority.

Right now, the very fabric of reality itself seemed to contort and twist as cause and effect lost their very meaning.

Here, In this surreal realm formed by Lorien's power, nothing seemed significant anymore as all forms of resistance were rendered futile and devoid of any purpose.

The first to sense such change was of course Sukuna who was standing right in front of Lorien as he prepared to launch his next attack.

However, faced with this pressure that seemed to originate from all directions with heaven and earth itself as its origin, Sukuna couldn't help but freeze in place as his muscles tensed up and his blood ran cold.


'What's going on with this pressure.'

'Why did this guy suddenly turn this serious!'

'Move, Move, MOVE!!'

'Why can't my body move!!'

His body freezing in place unable to move even an inch forward, Sukuna gritted his teeth causing an ear-piercing noise to echo as he tried to forcefully break through this invisible 'blockade'.

However, what he didn't know was that this had nothing to do with Lorien as it was actually his instincts and his unconsciousness going haywire forcing him to stand down and urging him to run away from the entity standing before him.

It's just that sadly enough, such a self-defense mechanism couldn't stand long in front of someone as strong-willed as Sukuna who was finally able to regain control over his shaky body and began trying to launch his previously prepared attack.

Yet, just as he was about to do so, his body froze once again, but this time for an entirely different reason.


'This is...'

Just as Sukuna was about to launch his attack, his vision suddenly blurred as future scenes of an untold future flashed before his eyes.

In this grim future, Sukuna saw himself successfully launching the attack just for it to get erased.

Then, he saw his upper right hand blow up into a mist of blood and him unable to heal it no matter how he tried.

This was the last scene he saw before his consciousness returned to reality causing him to get drenched in cold sweat.

However, before he could feel happy about escaping a disaster, an eerie scene suddenly occurred under the puzzled and uncomprehending eyes of the entire world.



Abruptly, and before anyone could react, the upper right hand of the king of curses was blown up into a mist of blood causing some red droplets to get splattered on Sukuna's shocked face.

This as a consequence caused him to swiftly react and jump back to create some distance from his opponent as he tried to heal his wounded arm, however, as he had expected, this was for naught.

'When...When did he attack?'

'And what was that future I just saw, and why did the results there manifest themselves into reality?'

With more than a hundred questions popping into his brain, Sukuna looked solemnly at the indifferent man in front of him trying to find some answer.

However, it's a pity that no one in this world is capable of answering this question right now other than Lorien himself as that would require someone who has reality, or cause and effect related powers, or someone at the Law level.

After all, only such people would be able to notice that the moment Sukuna had malicious intent targeting Lorien and was about to attack, the intricate web of cause and effect rippled through the entire world getting twisted and distorted before a reactionary force was unleashed as to extinguish the audacious 'ant' that tried to target its master.

Such a reaction was completely automatic without Lorien actually having to do anything on his own.

Absurdly enough, in this state of full power release, Lorien didn't have to do anything manually as both states of attack and defense were based purely on intention and will.

If someone tried to attack Lorien, then he'd get backlashed by the entire world, and if Lorien had malicious intent toward someone, then that person would be hurt, and if Lorien actually had killing intent toward someone, then that person would be abruptly killed.

It's as simple as that, there were no flashy moves, no charging attacks, and no technique to speak of.

This is the power of true reality warping, the true power of twisting cause and effect — A glimpse of the Law Stage.


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