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Our Lucky MC Lorien finds himself in face of a very important decision Either stay in his world and continue with his short and normal life Or Journey into the infinite void where countless worlds and infinite possibilities exist -- Worlds: Demon Slayer (Finished)  -> Highschool of the Dead (Finished) -> Jujutsu Kaisen (Finished) -> Chainsawman (Current). Planned Worlds: (Shakugan no Shana...) Possible Worlds:(One piece, Naruto, TODG, BTTH...) -- Release Schedule: Once every 2/3 days -- Ps: No System -- DISCLAIMER(1): All things that are written in this novel are pure work of fiction that has no connection with reality, it's all pure imagination used to pass the time and nothing more! Be it social, political, or religious, so be warned and read at your own discretion, manage your reading time well, and don't get disconnected from real life DISCLAIMER(2): I obviously don't own any of the original already existing worlds I will or already wrote about, all rights belong to their respective owners DISCLAIMER(3): The background of the cover is made by Rachelblandon (Deviantart), and is available for both personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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DE: Mortality in the Red Dust

"Does this really mean anything..."

Looking at the huge estate in front of her, Maki couldn't help but pause her movement as she held the weapon in her right hand even tighter.

Now that she reached her target location, she actually felt something she didn't think that she would ever feel in this situation—Hesitation.

'Is it really okay to kill them?'

'After all, all that I have seen was nothing but future things that haven't happened yet.'

'What I am going to do right now is kill innocents...'

However, just as this thought came to mind she instantly suppressed it as a sneer manifested itself on her face.


'Innocent? These guys?'

'Those guys have no cure, then can't change!'

Thinking of the things she experienced in her childhood and the things that would have happened if she hadn't met Lorien, a decisive look flashed in her eyes as she took a step forward toward the clan's estate.

'While the things I've seen only happened in the future, this doesn't mean that it won't happen at the first opportunity they get.'

'This is no longer a matter of future or present actions, it's a matter of principles!'

"Such an antique clan stuck on past glory shouldn't exist!"

"There is no need to give them a chance! They won't appreciate it anyway!"

"Sympathizing with the enemy is equal to being cruel towards one's self."

"Our positions are innately conflicting, so there is no need to think about any of this anymore!"




Continuing her walk, the closer she got to the door the more decisive and cold her eyes became with her resolve finally reaching its peak the moment she stood inches away from the entrance.

Not hesitating for a moment, Maki raised her slender leg and kicked down the huge door causing a could of smoke to puff up with its fall.


With the loud noise echoing across the estate, the members of the ancient clan quickly reacted as they instantly sprung into action immediately rushing towards the source of the noise.

"What's that noise?"

"Did someone break in?"

"But the barrier hasn't reacted!"

Of course, the first to react was the strongest group of jujutsu sorcerers within the Zenin Family which are the members of the Hei unit who are composed of the members ranked semi-grade 1 and above.

This elite unit who has immense authority within the zenin clan is currently led by Naoya who was also making his way toward the clan entrance with delay.

As for the other members of the clan who were divided into the Kukuru Unit which is comprised of Zenin male members who don't possess innate techniques, and the Akashi who are members who have cursed techniques, but do not meet the requirements for joining the Hei, they also quickly started organizing themself swiftly following the lead of those in the Hei Unit.

However, just before they could reach their target location, a cold and emotionless voice suddenly echoed across the estate which was then followed by some sort of power that shrouded everything and everyone within the estate.

"Domain Expansion: Mortality in the Red Dust"

The moment this phrase was uttered, the world instantly turned scarlet red for all those who were forcefully dragged within the domain.

"W-Where is this?"

"Domain Expansion??!!"

Standing atop the red sand dunes, all those who were unfortunately present couldn't help but gaze at the crimson sky, red clouds, and the bloody moon in both awe and wariness.

"Something feels off with this domain..."

"But why is everything red!"

Not to mention the aforementioned elements, even the air and atmosphere itself appeared to be tinted with a red hue by some sort of power.

However, soon enough, no one was left in the mood to continue observing the place or wonder about the aesthetics of this realm, after all, they quickly discovered that they had much larger issues to face.

"Everyone try using your cursed techniques!" Suddenly shouted Ogi Zenin, an ugly look manifesting itself on his face which was soon shared by all those present.

"I can't use it!"

"Same here."

One attempt after another, the clan members present all fell into panic as they tried denying the inevitable.

Right now, they were experiencing firsthand the power of this domain/realm born after Maki reached the [Outer Dream] level.

"What should we do..."

"Even cursed energy became very difficult to manipulate!"

As this fact came to light, panic quickly ensued in the ranks of the Zenin clan members as this was the worst thing that could happen to a jujutsu sorcerer.

Not to mention jujutsu sorcerers, losing power is the worst possible outcome for anyone who has ever gained power, and the impact is even worse for those of the Zenin clan who have always prided themselves on their cursed techniques and curse energy.

However, just as everyone's emotions were reaching their highest ever point, a mocking voice suddenly echoed across the desert completely detonating the atmosphere.

"Doesn't feel good, does it? Becoming the trash you have always detested!"

Hearing this voice, the first to react was Ogi who instantly recognized who it was, however, this wasn't because of love or familiarity, it was mainly based on the resentment he had always felt toward the biggest stain on his life.

"MAKI!!" He growled angrily.




"You actually recognized me, that's a surprise!"

However, before Ogi could answer, Naoya suddenly spoke, still holding his haughty and proud attitude.

"The failure actually dared to come back after running away for so long, but what are you actually planning to do? That's the question!"

Hearing this, Maki maintained the indifferent look on her face as she responded coldly.

"I am here to end this clan."

"End it? Did gaining some power get into your head? It seems that a failure will always be a failure."


Not bothering to respond, Maki continued looking coldly at Naoya who couldn't help but continue.

"Nothing to say? Such an indifferent and cold heart!"

"Indifferent huh? Then let me give you a choice!"


"This is my domain, it holds the power to negate all supernatural powers, here, only pure physical power and techniques can work."

Hearing this, the eyes of all those present shrank collectively as even Naoya couldn't help but question her.

"Your point?"

"You indeed haven't touched my bottom line yet, so, as I said, I'll give you a choice, it's either your life or your powers, you'll lose one of the two here today."


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