Lord Of A World: I Have A Group Chat As My Cheat!!

Alaric embarks on a journey to the realm of Lords, where everyone possesses the potential to ascend to godhood. However, this lofty goal proves challenging for Alaric, a mere traveler in this unfamiliar world. Unlike the native, who possess innate talents after awakening, Alaric lacks such abilities. Despite this, he manages to awaken as a Lord, albeit without any inherent talents. But determined to pursue his dream of becoming great at the risk of his life, Alaric's fortunes take a turn when his long-awaited cheat finally manifests! ...... For More Chapters You Can Visit My P@tre0n: p@tre0n.com/LazySeeker

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Chapter 68: Feedback from the King! Buy Rare Coordinates!

"It seems that new people will be recruited directly when I reach two stars in each stage."

Alaric murmured.

As for the newcomer this time, he can tell by looking at their name that they have a big background.

Alaric: Finally there's a newcomer~

Alaric: Welcome newcomers, this is the Other World Chat Group, please see the group announcement for specific matters.

This was the first time that he was the first to jump out to greet the newcomers.

But he was still the group leader after all, so he used his power as the group leader to make some adjustments and make a group announcement.

So that every time a new person comes he knows what's going on.

Immediately afterwards, others also spoke enthusiastically.

Shinobu: Welcome newcomers~Don't worry, you two newcomers, this is definitely not an illusion~

Umaru: Wow~ Two beautiful big sisters again! Alaric-kun really has evil intentions! (Sneaky smile)

Shuna: If you don't believe it newcomer, you can just think of a few words in your mind first, and you will find that it is really convenient to speak~

Keqing: I don't know what kind of world this newcomer comes from. Could it be that they will break the record of three days before they dared to speak? 

Miko Yotsuya: Keqing!!! Every time a new member comes, you reveal this about me! (Angry~)

Artoria: Let me ask you, are you my Master? (serious)

Artoria: No, I don't seem to have been summoned. What's going on? (Doubtful)

Artoria: Where is this? (Curious)

Alaric: Huh?

Alaric: Have you not been summoned to participate in the Holy Grail War yet? Then why did you join the chat group?

Alaric: Is it possible that you are in a soul state?

Artoria: Soul state? This description seems to be very correct. There is endless darkness around me. The original me should have been asleep.

Keqing: Is this new group friend really a ghost?

Shinobu: Is this new group friend really a ghost?

Mai Sakurajima: Is this new group friend really a ghost?

Misaka Mikoto: Is this new group friend really a ghost?

Miko Yotsuya: What? Did I really see a ghost?!! (Horrified)

Raiden Shogun: What a coincidence, I am also a ghost~

Miko Yotsuya:!!!!

Miko Yotsuya: Even if you encounter ghosts in reality, can you still encounter ghosts online?

Mitani Yotsuya: And it's two of them in one fell swoop?! (Horrified)

Kanae: Don't panic everyone, Shinobu-chan and I are both good at killing demons.

Umaru: Come on, Miko-chan, you should take a look at the profile pictures of the two new group friends. They are absolutely beautiful girls who are not inferior to me! Such beautiful ghosts are not scary either~

Keqing: Wait, Raiden is really your name...

Keqing: Are you the Thunder General of Inazuma City?! 

Esdeath: Could it be that you two are from the same world?

Raiden Shogun: Yeah~ I used to be, but now I'm just a ghost. 

Alaric: Let's not talk about anything else, let's start with a red envelope to try to build a relationship~

[Group reminder: Group leader Alaric uploaded two exclusive gold coin red envelopes, designated recipients: Artoria, Raiden Shogun! ]

[Altria received your red envelope! ]

[Raiden Shogun received your red envelope!]



Why is there no interactive feedback?

Alaric started with two red envelopes, intending to collect a wave of rewards first.

As a result, there was no feedback this time. What went wrong?

Alaric: Have you received the red envelope?

Artoria: Yes, I received it, but it was prompted that it cannot be withdrawn, and can only be saved in the group space, and can be withdrawn later.

Raiden Shogun: I am the same, so what did you give, leader?

Mai Sakurajima: Alaric-kun, you have forgotten that according to them, the two of them are now ghosts and have no way to use money~

Alaric: Uh...

Well, it turned out to be this reason, he ignored it.

[Group reminder: Group leader Alaric uploaded two exclusive magic crystal red envelopes, designated recipients: Artoria, Raiden Shogun!]

[Altria received your red envelope and received 10 magic crystals! ]

[Raiden Shogun really received your red envelope and got 10 magic crystals! ]

[You interact with Artoria and get feedback: all attributes +1, special ability— Barrier of the Wind King! ]

[You interact with Raiden and get feedback: Elemental Affinity +10, Cooking +30!]

Finally the feedback was successful!

As expected, it was due to the ghost state that gold coins could not be used at all, so the interaction failed.

But when it comes to energy stones, there is no such concern.

Because the energy stone in this world is a universal energy suitable for everything.

Even if the other party is in a soul or ghost state, they can absorb the energy of the energy stone to increase the strength of their soul.

However, he has to say that after the improvement of feedback rewards are indeed richer.

The first time they interacted with the red envelope, he directly got the wind barrier from Artoria.

It can also be used to hide the visual visibility of weapons while improving hit rate and defense.

This is a general ability that can be used by him, or weakened and given to soldiers for collective equipment.

Alaric thought for a while and decided to equip the siege team.

A powerful melee unit.

If the weapon can be hidden, it will definitely cause great trouble to the enemy.

Mainly because the Great Oni Swordsman already has two skills, one is psychic vision and the other is observation haki, which are already full.

But it's okay to give it to the Insect Demon Slayer soldiers. They happen to be conquering Demon Slayer World recently, so it would be nice to improve their abilities.

The elemental affinity that Raiden Shogun's feedback on the other side had was expected.

However, this cooking +30 is somewhat intriguing~

As the number of people in the exchange group increased, the excitement level also increased.

However, Alaric was thinking about how to better interact with them and get feedback.

Except interfering with the plot.

The best way is to use props from the lord world to strengthen people in other worlds.

However, although he relied on the chat group, his development in the world of lords was very smooth, and he almost never encountered any major problems.

But there is also a problem, that is, there are not many resources and channels at his disposal.

Or even none.

At present, he only relies on a territory gate to randomly bind the endless continent map.

If he wants to rely on this method, encountering rare maps can almost be said to be like finding a needle in a haystack.

So far, almost all of his good stuff comes from feedback from the chat group.

The one obtained from the Endless Continent is considered to be relatively good,

But this was only a reward after breaking the record in the weekly assessment.

Nor is it considered the treasure promised from the Endless Continent.


"Those other rich lords, with the support of the big family, must have the coordinates of rare locations!"

"Why don't I just buy a few from them?"

Anyway, most of the new lords are still in the wasteland development stage and do not have the ability to go to these maps yet.

He can cooperate with others, or simply spend a lot of money to buy maps. Anyway, he has no shortage of regular resources now.



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