1 The Lord’s Cottage in the Fog!

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Liao Fan opened his eyes. He was in a thatched cottage.

The surrounding was rather silent.

Occasionally, strange roars could be heard.

There was also the sound of breathing.



'Something is not right!'

Liao Fan's heart sank.

He vaguely noticed two expressionless men standing next to him.

The two men were unarmed and skinny. They were about 5'6 and weighed around two hundred twenty pounds.

Most importantly, there were small words floating above their heads.

[ Villager ]

There was a thick fog outside the window. From time to time, huge black shadows would pass by. It was quite terrifying.

Liao Fan's entire body was covered in sweat.

He was just walking on the street earlier.

Then, the fog set in and his vision was blurred.

By the time Liao Fan could see again, he had already ended up at this place. 

It felt like a nightmare.

'What is going on?!

'How did I end up here?'

Liao Fan took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

Panicking would not help!

Instead, he should be analyzing the situation more intuitively. 

If Liao Fan was flustered, he would be more likely to make mistakes!

He quickly checked out the entire room.

The thatched cottage was about a hundred square feet in size and it was very clean.

To the south, there was a transparent square-shaped glass window.

One could see the thick fog outside through the glass window. What lies within the thick fog was a mystery.

Below the glass window was a simple wooden bed.

There was nothing on the wooden bed, not a mattress nor a pillow.

On the north side of the thatched cottage, there were three piles of materials.

Wood, stone, and coal.

There was a shimmering stone on top of the wood.

These materials did not look like much.

Liao Fan did not know how to make use of these materials.

Additionally, there was a wooden table with three items placed on it.

A scroll, three pieces of bread, and three bottles of mineral water.

Upon looking at the mineral water, Liao Fan suddenly felt abnormally thirsty.

At the same time, his stomach was growling. He was hungry.

The thirst and hunger made Liao Fan dizzy.

He did not know how long he had been unconscious or when was the last time he had drunk and eaten.

Liao Fan really wanted to take a large gulp of water, but he did not.

This was because he was focused on the scroll.

After thinking for a moment, Liao Fan looked at the two men who were standing next to him.

He asked, "Are the two of you farmers?"

Based on Liao Fan's observation, it did not look like he was kidnapped. Furthermore, they were not in possession of any weapons.

Judging from their figures, if they were to end up fighting for the food, Liao Fan believed that he would not lose.

Basically, these two men posed a minimal threat.

Of course, this was all Liao Fan's speculation.

"My Lord, we are your subjects!" said one of the men humbly.

Upon hearing that, Liao Fan frowned.

He did not really understand what the other party meant.

That sentence could mean anything!

Liao Fan carefully picked up the scroll.

The moment he unraveled it, countless golden fireflies flew out. 

Then, a hologram of a warrior appeared.

[ Welcome to the survival contest! ]

[ First of all, congratulations to all the chosen Lords. ]

[ You are about to face the challenge of survival! ]

[ From today onwards, you will have your own territory and subjects. ]

[ This world is filled with danger, so please listen attentively to what I have to say. ]

[ 1. No matter how much you expand your territory, the thatched cottage is the only confirmed safe space! ]

[ 2. However, do not rely too much on the thatched cottage. There are limits. I advise the Lords to start exploring as soon as possible. The world outside is endless! It may be dangerous but there are also countless surprises! ]

[3. Be alert. Foolishness will only cause your own death! ]

[4. Your subjects will be a hundred percent loyal to you forever. Please be at ease and use them according to your needs! ]

[5. The monsters can only move around in the fog! ]

[6. At night, the number of monsters in the fog will increase exponentially! Killing them will yield rewards! ]

[ These are all the tips that I have. If fate allows it, we'll meet again! ]

The warrior's hologram disappeared and the scroll began to dim.

Then, five options appeared.

[ World Channel ]

[ Regional Channel ]

[ Inventory ]

[ Item Creation ]

[ Talent Recruitment ]

Without thinking much, Liao Fan chose to access the [ World Channel ].

"What is this place? Why is there a thick fog? There's no phone reception. Somebody save me!"

"Sobs. I've already finished all the bread and water, but I'm still hungry. Maybe I should exchange my farmers for food!"

"Sigh, I was so hungry that I ate some coal. Ugh... now I'm having a stomachache. Am I going to die?"

"Hahaha, you people really are stupid. The villagers are essentially meat. Plus, they won't resist. I've already eaten a villager. That's how you should use your resources."


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