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"Hehe, I was just teasing you oppa. But you look so cute when you are flustered, I want to do it more!" Hana giggled before hugging his arm again with a 'kya, so cute!'

He scratched his cheek awkwardly, not really knowing how to respond to that.

Thankfully Hana just led him into the building without teasing him further. They booked a room for the two of them. It was 8 thousand won an hour per person, and they just needed to pay at the end before they left. Kind of like a PC Bang, which he had only been to once before.

They were led up to the room by one of the employees, a moderately attractive woman in her mid-30s who kept glancing at Daniel and checking him out rather conspicuously. Hana was the type of girl who would rather show off her man than be possessive, so she felt a sense of superiority inwardly seeing other women shoot envious gazes at her.

The employee opened the door to the multi room and Daniel was a little astonished upon seeing the inside. There was a comfortable looking sofa against the wall, in the back of the room, and a small coffee on top of which were the multiple remotes they could use to control the devices in the room.

There were karaoke mics, remotes for the TV, DVD player, air-condition, as well as controllers for the game consoles.

The multi-room employee also showed them a menu of the free-flow snacks and drinks which they could order by using the tablet device mounted on the wall nearby, which would then be brought to their room. The menu also included much more substantial meals and alcoholic drinks that needed to be purchased separately. Although the two of them obviously couldn't order any alcohol as they were under 19, the legal drinking age.

The employee left after explaining everything to them, mentioning that they could call for assistance using the tablet device if they encountered any problems with the electronic devices in the room.

Daniel and Hana were now left to their own devices in the comfortable and cosy room. Because the room was quite small, they were sitting shoulder to shoulder on the couch and Daniel could more distinctly smell her perfume that had a sweet, candy like scent.

"Let's order some snacks and drinks first, oppa. I didn't eat breakfast, so I'm going to fill up on snacks hehe." Hana suggested and opened up the menu for them to look at.

"Sounds good." He answered while browsing the menu.

The snacks included traditional Korean snacks like tteokbokki (spicy rice cake), odeng (fish cake skewer), chicken skewers, mandu (dumplings), kimbap and buchimgae (Korean pancake). There were also western snacks like popcorn, french fries, onion rings and more.

Beverages included sodas like cola and sprite as well as orange, lemon and blackcurrant juice.

Hana went crazy, ordering one of each dish, and then just water for herself.

"The snacks are free anyway, so let's get the most out of it!" She justified, as she went to the tablet device to key in their orders. Daniel eyes followed her shapely behind, before noticing a sign at the corner of the room.

"No smoking, no outside food and no sex allowed"

If Daniel had been drinking something he would have done a spit-take upon noticing the sign. The first two made sense, but did they really have to add in the third restriction?

He suddenly became a lot more aware of the room around him. It was a sound-proofed room, since many people loudly sang Karaoke in them. There was a comfortable couch with pillows and even a blanket. There was no lock on the door, but it was completely covered, so people couldn't peek in.

It was pretty much the perfect, cheaper alternative to a love hotel…

Daniel suddenly had a lot of erotic thoughts enter his head, and he unknowingly blushed heavily while looking at Hana's back profile. Her short skirt, long legs, and big boobs of which the sides could even slightly be seen from her slender back… he was starting to get too excited.

'Snap out of it! Just because Hana is touchy doesn't mean she would want to sleep with me! And I literally just had sex with Erin last night, how can I still be horny? What is with this body? Or is it me that is the problem?'

He tried to distract himself with other thoughts when Hana leapt into the space on the couch next to him.

"What should we do first, oppa? Karaoke? A movie? Some games?"

"Uhm, ahem, we can do whatever you would like to." Daniel answered, still incredibly flustered and his thoughts still wandering into lewd places.

"Eii, oppa a man should be the one to decide in situations like this right?" Hana joked while cuddling with his arm.

'If you really ask me to choose, my answer will be none of the above, y'know?' Of course he couldn't say what he was really thinking.

"Then, shall we sing something for now?" He offered, trying to take the lead though it still seemed like he was the one being led around by the cheeky Hana who just grinned in response.

"Okie! I'll go first okay? This is my favourite song to sing at Karaoke!" She exclaimed as she turned on the TV and karaoke machine. She seemed familiar with the devices in the multi-room, indicating that this was not her first time in a place like this, while going over to key in her song choice in the Karaoke machine.

As she did so, Daniel had some mixed feelings about possibly singing in front of her.



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