1 Dropped

No, I'm not canceling the novel.....well in a way I am

I mean, If you search for this novel's name on the webnovel you'll see 2 books with the same name.

You see I've been contracted so the other book would allow me to lock and paywall.

So what I'll do is transfer the chapters here to the other book, then delete this one.

I do need your help though

I would love it if you all could add the other book to your library and maybe drop a few reviews so that I can get ratings activated again

Thank you all😊😊

Note I'll do the transfer throughout this month, I want to re-edit as I'm transferring and also give me time to stockpile my chapters.

Also, the other book has about 24 chapters, so you should be able to identify.

For easier identification search for the book under recently updated or just search for my username God_Is_With_Me

Thank you all for your help