28 Chapter 28: Retreat! _1

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With the arrival of the bald man.

A pressure as heavy as a mountain descended upon everyone's hearts.

Fear and shock were revealed in everyone's eyes.

Is this the limit of a mortal?

Like gods and demons!

An overwhelming aura pressed upon their hearts.

Involuntary questions arouse in their hearts.

Could this kind of person really be defeated by human strength?

The palm of Jiang Yuan, which was originally about to strike, froze abruptly.

The expression in his eyes shifted rapidly.

He hesitated instantly.

At this moment, if he claimed Lei Zhan's life, he would inevitably face the Grand Master of the Black Wind Tribe.

Who had unified his spirit and energy, and had reached the pinnacle among mortals.

At this point, he had no confidence that he could fight such an unparalleled expert.

This suppression, too terrifying at the spiritual level.

Furthermore, having forged his body to the ninth level, he had reached the ultimate of mortality.


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