Longevity: Starting by Trading My Lifespan with Supreme Exercise

Reborn as the Crown Prince of Great Desolate Kingdom, Li Changseng was a waste with poor talent in cultivation. As soon as he was crowned a king, his prodigious younger brother rebelled and dethroned him, claiming the supreme seat for himself. Imprisoned in Eternal Dungeon together with the most notorious villains and unkillable monsters, he suddenly gained infinite lifespan and the ability to transfer his lifespan to other. With these cheats in hand, Li Changseng began his journey of invincibility and a quest of revenge! Let's watch how Li Changseng subdued the strongest devil and immortal and reign supreme over myriad worlds started with his eternal life! --- This is my first attempt writing a novel with Male Lead, any suggestion, critics, and support is very welcomed. English isn't my first tongue so do expect occasional errors in grammar or stiff dialogues. Hopefully I can improve my writing skill quickly in the future! --- Extra Chapter(s) for PS and PRIV. 500PS = 1 Extra Chapter 1,000PS = 2 Extra Chapters 1,500PS = 3 Extra Chapters PS Reward effective in Monday in the following week. 2,000 chp = 3 Extra Chapters 5,000 chp = 10 Extra Chapters 10,000 chp = 15 Extra Chapters Priv Reward effective in the first day of the following month.

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Trading with Desolate Demon, Obtains Ancient Desolate Demon Saber!

After venturing into the gloomy and dark dungeon for almost ten minutes, the group of three finally arrived at their destination.

At the entrance of the cell, the rusty and worn-out iron bars barely attach to each side.

Song Yuxuan gripped the iron bars and easily tore them down, opening a space for him and Li Changsheng to pass through.

Inside, lay an old man with ferocious facial features, his skin has a slightly different color than that of an ordinary human—with a hint of purple hue—and a broken white horn jutted between his eyebrows.

Even with his eyes closed, as though in deep sleep, the killing intent lingered around his body and couldn't be restrained.

If someone with a faint heart were to be close to his presence, they wouldn't be able to last a second before fainting.

It was unimaginable how many lives he had reaped.

What caught Li Changsheng's attention was the plain-looking saber that the old man clutched tightly onto his body, as if to protect a priceless heirloom from many covetous eyes.

Song Yuxuan pointed at the old man and said, "That's him. He claims to be the descendant of the Desolate Demon. He had already reached half-step saint when he was imprisoned here."

Li Changsheng simply nodded in response, but a hint of intrigue flashed in his black eyes. This man was one level stronger than either Mo Tiesha or Song Yuxuan. He looked forward to making him his subordinate.

"I'll leave him to you," Li Changsheng glanced at Song Yuxuan and stepped back.

Song Yuxuan nodded and then approached the old man and started communicating with him.

Not longer than a minute later, a hoarse, cold voice spoke inside Li Changsheng's mind.

"Do you really have a way to pass on your lifespan to other people?"

Li Changsheng nodded. "I can keep you alive."

"What do you want?"

"I heard that you have a saber that can absorb life to increase its power."

"Ten years of life." The old voice offered, "Ten years of lifespan and I'll give you my saber!"

Li Changsheng shook his head and decisively declined. "Five years. No more than that."

The old man fell into silence once more, but Li Changsheng wasn't worried that he would refuse. After all, he only had less than a month left in this world!

Surely, after only a few seconds passed, the voice once again spoke inside his mind. "Deal."

Li Changsheng recited the Life Scripture mantra and gave the old man five years of lifespan, as they'd agreed upon.

The old man's reaction wasn't less intense than that of Mo Tiesha and Song Yuxuan. He let out a wild roar as the vitality started seeping into his flesh and blood.

A few seconds later, the old man's appearance changed dramatically. His original appearance of someone who was on the verge of dying of old age gradually reverted into that of a middle-aged man, but it didn't stop there; it continued until his appearance turned into that of a young man in his early twenties.

The young man was tall and imposing, almost two heads taller than Li Changsheng and Song Yuxuan. His body was slender, and his skin was faintly purplish. His long, straight black hair flowed down loosely like a waterfall, perfectly complementing his sharp facial features.

His transformation would be perfect if not for his horn, which remained broken even after he regained his vitality.

"I don't expect that I'll survive. Young man, you can call me Desolate Demon."

The young demon's golden amber eyes watched Li Changsheng closely with intrigue and curiosity.

He had lived almost 3,000 years and had roamed and ventured to every place, not only in East Desolate but all over the world, but he had never heard of someone who could grant his lifespan to another before.

As far as he knew, even a Paragon, Emperor, or Grand Emperor couldn't achieve the similar feat to what this youngster did.

If this method really existed, there wouldn't be any Grand Emperors from ancient times until now who assimilated into the Dao because of their expired lifespans.

Even though Li Changsheng only gave him five years of lifespan, Desolate Demon readily handed over his Ancient Desolate Demon Saber in order to get closer to him.

He wanted to know what secrets Li Changsheng was hiding.

In fact, not only him who was curious about this secret, but Mo Tiesha and Song Yuxuan also had similar ideas in mind.

"Is this Ancient Desolate Demon Saber?"

Li Changsheng carefully inspected the saber in his hand. Unlike its awe-inspiring name, the sabre looked unremarkable at first glance.

It seemed to be made of the most common iron, the blade looked dull and rough, and even the hilt was just plain and boring without any grand accent or intricate decoration.

But instead of showing any disappointment, Li Changsheng grinned from ear to ear as he stared at this ancient saber with amazement.

Because the moment the saber fell into his hand, this greedy thing started to devour his vitality like a beast who hadn't had a meal for a decade!

"Looks like it's really a weapon that devours its user's life." Li Changsheng looked at Song Yuxuang and smiled. "Well done! I'll give you an extra month of life!"

Hearing this, Song Yuxuang was overjoyed. "Thank you, boy; I owe you one more favor!"

On the contrary, the old Demon Desolate was taken aback by Li Changsheng's brazenness. "Brat, aren't you afraid of being squeezed dry by this greedy thing? If you touch it recklessly, you'll be sucked to your bones by it in an instant!"

"I'm fine!"

Li Changsheng waved his hand casually, as if the old demon's concern wasn't worth mentioning.


Others might be afraid, but not him. For him, it was just a little saber, and it couldn't make any waves. Instead, he was worried that the saber's appetite wasn't big enough or that it didn't absorb enough vitality, resulting in the loss of power.

Li Changsheng shook his head and sneered in his heart. Just like people back on Earth often said, "poorness is limiting your vision, and abundance leads to creativity!"

Like the people in the third world had their own worry, the wealthy people are concerned about pride and vanity. They'd never met eye-to-eye with each other.

How could the sparrow and swallow know the will of the great swan?

Forget it, forget it…

"I want to test the saber; you can help me assess it."

Now that the Ancient Desolate Demon Saber had absorbed countless vitalities, it's time to try the might of this weapon.

Hearing this, Mo Tiesha immediately ran up to Li Changsheng and enthusiastically volunteered himself to be his test partner. "Hey, brother Li. Why don't you try it on me? You'll definitely be satisfied!"

Song Yuxuan, who had already gotten used to seeing him like this, looked at him with contempt, while on the other hand, Desolate Demon seemed perplexed by his bootlicking attitude, knowing that he was only slightly weaker than him.

Li Changsheng didn't even spare him a glance, and just kept accumulating his strength, then began to test the saber, trying to slash it vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Slash, slash, slash—

In an instant, several saber qi emerged from the simple slashes, tearing apart the air as they launched toward the surrounding walls in a flash.



The saber qi destroyed the surroundings, tearing apart the incomparably strong prison like they were made of paper.

The three powerhouses didn't even bat an eye watching this degree of destructive power, but Li Changsheng seemed to delight in what he saw.

"The power of the strikes just now is infinitely close to the peak level of the Purple Palace realm. If you combine it with my Bloody Berserk Forbidden Art, you might be able to inflict a grave injury on an unprepared Venerable-level expert in the Dimension Sundering realm. As for below Venerable, you most likely will be able to kill anyone with a single attack." Song Yuxuang commented.

Li Changsheng was finally able to put his heart to rest. No matter what tricks Li Tianji prepared for him, he wouldn't afraid anymore.

He already had battle prowess comparable to that of the Dimension Sundering realm, and in addition, he also gained two supreme-level powerhouses and one half-saint powerhouse.

"In this way, sooner or later, I will be able to sweep the deepest level of Eternal Dungeon and then go out to reclaim what is rightfully mine! Just wait, Li Tianji! When the time comes, who can stop me?"

He hadn't and would never forget his hatred for Li Tianji.

Although they were siblings, he wouldn't show him any mercy.

After all, he was the one who tried to bare his fangs against him first.

He wasn't a soft persimmon who was easy to bully.

This grievance would be paid a hundred times more!

Li Changsheng solemnly vowed to himself.