17 Another Assassination, a Peak Venerable from Shadow Killing Hall Comes to Kill!

"Someone is coming!" shouted Song Yuxuang.

Li Changsheng was instantly alarmed by Song Yuxuang's warning.

Due to the vastness of the Eternal Dungeon and the law suppression set by countless saints from every generation of the kingdom's dynasties, the criminals imprisoned in this prison rarely met and communicated with each other.

In fact, the majority of the prisoners wouldn't even roam around after entering this prison, afraid that they would be picked on by stronger and crueler prisoners or, if they were unlucky, they would meet an end worse than dying.

But now, someone actually took the initiative to approach them, which was really abnormal. Li Changsheng was certain that whoever was coming didn't have good intention in their heart.

"Could it be that bastard Li Tianji hires another killer to kill me? It's sooner than I expected," Li Changsheng murmured, waving his hand at his three followers. "You three hide first and stay hidden until I give you a command or when I'm in danger."

The trio simply nodded and disappeared into the background without uttering any words. After all, they were also given similar orders when the previous assassin came.

Just as their presences vanished, clear, resounding footsteps gradually grew nearer, and before Li Changsheng's sight, a young man cladded in a blue robe ambled toward him with an amiable smile adorning his refined, handsome face, giving the impression of a secular scholar if not for the sword hanging on his waist.

"Your Highness Changsheng, I'm glad you're healthy and well." The blue-robed man cupped his hand and bowed slightly, not showing any signs or gestures that revealed his true purpose for the visit.

Li Changsheng took a few glances at him, and the unconcealed surprise that flashed in his eyes betrayed his composure. "You're the Great Elder of the Shadow Killing Palace, Jun Moxi?"

"It's really this servant." Jun Moxi kept smiling and honestly admitted his identity. "It's my honor that your highness still recognizes me after our last meeting three years ago. I'm really flattered."

Three years ago, Li Changsheng was ordered by his unreliable father, the late king, to visit the Shadow Killing Hall and was welcomed by Jun Moxi.

Although he didn't have the slightest idea of claiming the throne at that time, as he had been educated in politics since he was young, he could guess what his father's purpose was for sending him to this place.

The Shadow Killing Hall was an underground organization that was secretly supported by the dynasty in exchange for their assistance in dealing with the darker side of governance, such as espionage, assassination, information gathering, and so on.

If Li Changsheng could obtain their support, his future reign would be more stable; at least that was what his father thought, according to Li Changsheng's guess.

Unfortunately, they didn't seem to put Li Changsheng in their eyes, evident from the fact that the one who greeted him was only a great elder and not the leader of the Shadow Killing Hall himself.

Unexpectedly, they meet once again today, but not in the capacity of the crown prince and government official like in the previous encounter, but as an assassin and his target.

"So, you came in person to deal with me? That guy, Li Tianji, is really generous. How much did he spend to be able to invite someone with a high rank like you?" Li Changsheng asked sarcastically.

If he remembered correctly, Jun Moxi should be at the peak of the Dimension Sundering realm, which meant that his heavenly abode had been perfected, a signature of someone who had claimed the position of a Venerable and was only a step away from Supreme.

In the Great Desolate Kingdom, a Venerable could already be considered the top existence and the main power of the kingdom, as the Supreme and Saint wouldn't easily make their move unless a grave threat befell the country.

Just as he predicted before, Li Tianji was really cautious and paranoid, sending an assassin at this level to kill him, which might cost him a price that was comparable to the whole wealth of a small country.

Jun Moxi didn't seem to be offended by Li Changsheng's remark; the smile plastered on his face was everlasting.

"It's good that Your Highness Changsheng is already very clear about his own destiny."

"I have no idea how you deal with the member of our Shadow Killing Hall who was assigned to you before, but now I'm here to personally complete the mission. Please don't hold grudges against us, your highness; it's nothing personal. We are merely hired hands, and we have reputations to protect."

"Your Highness Changsheng, do you have any last word?"

"My last word…" Li Changsheng paused a while, as if pondering something, and looked at the man in front of him with a playful gaze, grinning, "I don't think I need one, so I didn't prepare any. What about you? Do you have any last word?"

Jun Moxi's friendly expression finally cracked and crumbled as he caught the implied meaning in Li Changsheng's question, and, at the same time, he was baffled as to what the source of his unfounded confidence was.

The difference in strength between them was like heaven and earth—an uncrossable rift that he wouldn't be able to pass no matter what kind of trick he possessed.

Although he might be strong enough to deal with a profound core cultivator only with his peak Spirit Gathering realm's strength, it would be impossible for him to pose any threat to a Venerable like him.

His gaze at Li Changsheng turned into contempt. At the end of the day, whatever he did will end as a futile struggle. Thinking so, he sneered mockingly at the ignorant boy in front of him, "I didn't expect that Your Highness to be so humorous. If that's the case, then forgive me for not being able to deliver your last words. Please just go and die!"

In the next second, Jun Moxi immediately made a move. True Qi erupted from his body as he flashed toward Li Changsheng.

Instantly, a terrifying pressure descended upon Li Changsheng, almost crushing his body. The earth beneath his feet cracked and crushed as his feet sank deeper into the ground. A sweet, fishy smile pervaded his nose as blood trickled down from the corner of his lips.

Gritting his teeth to withstand the pressure, Li Changsheng suddenly roared, "Song Yuxuang, come and bite him!"

An incomparably terrifying aura suddenly crashed down from within the darkness like a tsunami, locking onto Jun Moxi in an instant.

The next second, Jun Moxi, who was about to deliver his killing strike at Li Changsheng, was suddenly knocked down and crashed on to the ground with a "bang" like a soaring bird that got its wing shot and was broken.

Coughing a mouthful of blood, Jun Moxi looked around frantically; his expression was one of horror.

"What's going on here! Why is there a breath of supreme!"

Then he sensed another presence coming out of the darkness and stood behind Li Changsheng.

Jun Moxi's eyeballs nearly popped out of their socket as he sized up the person who just arrived, and another mouthful of blood spat out of his mouth.

That man was a Supreme!

Countless thoughts flooded Jun Moxi's mind at the moment, nearly breaking his brain and making him feel a sudden headache.

Who was this man?

Why did he stand behind Li Changsheng like a follower?

If he wasn't wrong, Li Changsheng seemed to call him as "Song Yuxuang", Why did this name sound so familiar?

Before he could sort his mind, the unknown supreme, Song Yuxuang, glared at him coldly and growled, "You attack Milord, so you must die here."


Jun Moxi was stunned by this title, and his brain seemed to be crashed down facing the reality before him.

"A Supreme-level powerhouse actually called you his lord? How is this possible?!"

Having enough of his screaming, Song Yuxuang severed the collapsing Ju Moxi's head from his body with a single motion of his hand.

The head rolled on the ground and stopped after a few meters. From within the dead eyes, Li Changsheng could see unwillingness and resentment, enough to make ordinary people scared to their wits before the sight, but his expression didn't fluctuate in the slightest.

He would inevitably see more of this kind of expression on his enemies' dead bodies as he trod the path of revenge and conquest he had chosen.

Mo Tiesha and Desolate Demon also came out of hiding.

Desolate Demon circled around Jun Moxi's corpse, and his eyes gleamed with intrigue.

"Li boy, the last time I heard it, it was a weakling in the Profound Core stage, but this time an expert at the level of Venerable came to claim your life. Who did you provoke?"

Li Changsheng simply smiled and didn't offer him any explanation, then turned to Song Yuxuang and said, "You deal with the corpse first."

Song Yuxuang nodded and immediately went to dispose of the corpse.

Li Changsheng watched the corpse burn to ash with his hands behind his back and soon fell into thought.

A Great Elder from the Shadow Killing Hall had fallen here, which might cause Li Tianji great trouble. These people in Shadow Killing Hall weren't easy to deal with; Li Tianji probably would get a big headache this time.

That being said, it was impossible for Li Tianji to stop now, and he would definitely go all out the next time.

What level of people would he send next time, Li Changsheng wondered?

According to the Great Desolate Kingdom's national power, it was impossible for Li Tianji to mobilize a saint to kill him. At most, he would pick someone at the peak of Supreme or might be a half-saint, perhaps someone like the Hall Master of Shadow Killing Hall.

"It seems that I have to improve my strength as soon as possible," Li Changsheng murmured, "If possible, I have to continue to get more followers. Otherwise, even if I leave the prison, I'm afraid I won't be able to kill Li Tianji."

Seeing Song Yuxuang finish dealing with the corpse, Li Changsheng asked him to lead the way to the ruins he just mentioned.

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