4 You Can Get Lost Now

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"Oh? Hey wastrel, you seem more like a human now after so many years…" Feng Qianxue sneered. "But then again… it's not enough to solely rely on your outer appearance. Those who are incapable of cultivating will never be seen as human."

"It seems like you have a pretty good understanding of 'non-humans'. I believe you must fall into this category," Feng Chuge retorted with a faint smile.

Feng Qianxue never expected her to retaliate.

In her memories, Feng Chuge had the guts of a mouse and she never dared to confront them.

"You good-for-nothing… You're cursing me?!"

"We'll go with what you think." Feng Chuge raised her head and looked into the interior of the pavilion. She continued to speak with an expressionless face, "You're very much appreciated for taking care of the Linshui Pavilion on my behalf. Now that I've returned, there's no need to bother you two. Pack your belongings and leave quickly."

"What did you say!?" After she heard what Feng Chuge said, Feng Qianxue was stunned for a moment before she realized she was chasing them out. Immediately, she screamed out loud.

"As expected of a 'non-human'. You don't even understand human words… I said— you guys, can get lost now—" Feng Chuge dragged the sentence and her tone was filled with chilly intent.

Feng Qianxue and Feng Qingwan stood rooted and looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

That wastrel actually dared to speak to them in such a tone?

She's revolting against them!

"Feng Chuge, who do you think you are? Who are you to chase us…"

Feng Chuge released a sneer.

Before they had the chance to finish her sentence, Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes as her lips slightly parted. "Force them out."

Zilan, Biluo, and Luzhu had found both of them displeasing to the eye the moment they saw them.

Coupled with the information related to the Feng Residence they had gathered while they were in Fengyue House, they wanted to give them a good beating.

Upon receiving Feng Chuge's order, the trio immediately flew forth.

Amongst the three, Zilan was a Great Spiritual Master. Even though Biluo and Luzhu could not compare, they were both in the realm of a Spiritual Master.

Within the Yuntian Continent, spiritual force determined one's position.

Cultivators are divided according to the levels of their spiritual force. They are respectively, Spiritualist, Spiritual Warrior, Spiritual Master, Spiritual Ancestor, Spiritual King, Spiritual Monarch, and lastly, Spiritual Saint. Every level is then subdivided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and great circle.

Feng Qianxue was a genius of the Feng Family. She was merely eighteen and had already attained the level of Great Spiritual Warrior, which was a Spiritual Warrior at the great circle level.

She had always been proud of her cultivation talent, but when she saw the imposing aura Zilan released, Feng Qianxue's eyes suddenly shrank.

Zilan had not thought about the duo's thoughts. She merely ran forward and clashed with them.

However, how could Feng Qianxue, who was a Great Spiritual Warrior, and Feng Qingwan, an Intermediate Spiritual Warrior, possibly be their opponents? After a short period, the duo was beaten to the extent they had to flee in disorder and whatever pride they had left was long gone.

Their maid who was standing on the side was rather quick-witted. When she realized that the situation was unfavorable, she immediately ran out in secret.

Feng Chuge watched as the maid ran out to send news of this confrontation, but did not stop her.

The more people there were… the more lively it would be…

While the fight went on, Feng Chuge flew into the Linshui Pavilion, found a quiet and empty room, and laid the child on the bed.

After she was done, she turned around and walked out.

Feng Chuge did not notice that the child lying on the bed abruptly opened his eyes after she turned away.

A faint purple glint flashed past his eyes that were embedded in his near-transparent pale face.

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