1 Taken Back to the Estate

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Yuntian Continent, Tianqi Capital…

The roads in the suburbs of Tianqi Capital were muddy due to the rain.

A plain-looking carriage rolled over the mud, heading north.

Following that, another simple carriage rolled over the mud, heading north.

"It's too infuriating. They chased Miss out of the Feng Family six years ago. Now that they are in a predicament, only then did they think of you…

"Furthermore, based on the news from Fengyue House, the reason they brought you back is for you to replace the other daughter from the Feng Family and marry an idiot to counteract his bad luck!"

"We shouldn't have returned. The Feng Family treated you poorly, so why are you still concerned about their plight?"

"The Feng Family deserves to be punished!"

The two angry voices belonged to two delicate-looking ladies.

Both of them were dressed in a maid's attire, with their hair tied in a simple bun.

They each sat on one side, while their expressions were full of resentment.

Just as they wanted to add on, the lady leaning in a corner dozing off finally opened her eyes slightly.

She was dressed in a simple white dress, with her fine black hair casually scattered around and tied together with a simple hairpin.

The lady in question leaned against the carriage and the moment her eyes moved around, a teasing expression surfaced on her gorgeous face. "Calm down, aren't we just returning to the Feng Residence? What's more, what's the fun of staying in Fengyue House all day long? Why not change our environment to stretch our legs and maybe practice?"

"But we feel indignant for Miss! Those from the outside are spreading news that Miss is an ugly wastrel…" Zilan pouted.

Ugly wastrel?

If her Miss was an ugly wastrel, then no one else in the world could be known as a beauty.

"They can say whatever they like, it's their mouths after all. Even if their lips bleed from talking, we won't lose anything," Feng Chuge casually twirled a strand of hair as she lazily said.

Zilan and Biluo's lips twitched in response.

Since when was their Miss so gentle?

In the past, if someone dared to slander her, she would have never let the other party off without first suffering!

When they saw Feng Chuge remain silent, they also quieted down.

Feng Chuge leaned on the side, looked at the outside scenery through the curtains, and narrowed her eyes.

It had been six years…

It had been six years since she transmigrated to the Yuntian Continent.

Six years ago, the 10-year-old Feng Chuge became the disgrace of her family for possessing no spiritual force and was driven out of the house to fend for herself.

And now, the Feng Family had offended another big family, the Yun Family. They had pressured the Feng Family for a daughter to marry the idiot of their family who was at death's door due to his illness, in hopes of saving his life by giving him a wedding to counteract his bad luck.

When she thought about this, Feng Chuge could not help but click her tongue.

Such a sad life it was.

Who could have imagined the first wife's eldest daughter of the Feng Family be reduced to such a predicament?

Moreover, the most ironic thing was that the real Feng Chuge, the first wife's eldest daughter of the Feng Family, died in the wild shortly after she was expelled from the house at the age of ten. The soul in her current body belonged to the number one killer from the 21st century.

The carriage continued to travel down the road.

All of a sudden, the driver suddenly jerked the reins, and the carriage stopped abruptly without any warning.

"What happened?" Zilan crashed into the carriage and cried out in pain.

"Miss, there's a child."

Feng Chuge lifted the curtain and as expected, there was a small figure lying on the ground ahead.

It was a close call. The child was only a few inches away from the horse. If it had taken another step forward, the horse would have stepped on the child.

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