2 She Wants To Die

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It was a close call. The child was only a few inches away from the horse. If it had taken another step forward, the horse would have stepped on the child.

Feng Chuge stepped out of the carriage and looked at the child on the ground.

The child's eyes were tightly shut, his small face was deathly pale, and his long eyelashes were slightly lowered, covering his eyes.

He seemed to be around five to six years old. However, he was wearing a large, black-colored gilded long robe.

The large robe made his figure appear thin and helpless.

"Miss, this child…" Luzhu found the scene to be weird.

While driving earlier, she had not seen anyone. But in the blink of an eye, a child had appeared.

Feng Chuge took a step forward. After detecting a soft breath, she reached out, carried him, took out a pill, and fed him. "Saving him comes first. We'll talk about other matters later."

Towards evening, they had finally arrived at the Feng Residence.

The Feng Family deserved to be one of the four families of Tianqi Capital. There were pavilions, water displays, rock gardens, and the surrounding interior made it appear prestigious.

After entering the estate, a maid was there to welcome her.

Feng Chuge followed her lead and winded around the estate before she finally arrived at the southernmost courtyard.

It was a dilapidated courtyard, overgrown with weeds. Spiderwebs hung all around as the room had not been used for a long time.

"You're making us live here?" Zilan surveyed the surrounding environment and asked with a frown.

The maid who had led the way looked at Feng Chuge and said with a sneer, "There are too many people in the estate and how could there be extra empty rooms for irrelevant people? Allowing you to stay here is considered good as it is."

Zilan and Biluo were about to explode when they heard her.

They were the ones who asked for Miss to return! Yet, they treated them as such? They were going too far!

"Miss is the first wife's eldest daughter of the Feng Family and you're merely a maid. How dare you speak to Miss with such an attitude!?"

The maid had not expected to be rebuked and she got furious. "Just a mere wastrel chased out the family, who does she think she is? Does she really think she is the lady of the Feng Family? If not for the Second Young Miss who was unwilling to marry into the Yun Family, do you think she could return? She's just a good-for-nothing brat. If it were me, I'd bang my head against a pillar instead of being thick-skinned and living in such a way. Hmph! Rather than living in shame, it would be better to die young!"

While the maid spoke, her expression was of disdain.

Feng Chuge stood aside, and held onto the child she rescued earlier.

She reached out to check his breathing. Fortunately, his body was not as cold as before after consuming the pill she fed him.

When she heard what the maid said, she curled her lips and smiled faintly. "Zilan, did you hear her? She wants to die."

Zilan's eyes flickered with a glint when she heard her. Her movements were very fast. With a sudden flash, Zilan had restricted the maid.

"You… what are you doing?" The maid finally reacted and found herself restricted by Zilan. Her arms were grabbed from behind.

"Didn't you wish to bang yourself to death? I'll help you." Zilan blinked, stretched out her hand, and all of a sudden, she knocked the maid against a pillar.


A loud, violent noise sounded.

Zilan had reached the level of a Great Spiritual Master. She had used half her strength in the earlier blow.

The maid had no time to scream before she stopped breathing.

The air was filled with a slight bloody aroma.

Feng Chuge glanced at the body on the ground and looked at Zilan. "Remember to be soft-handed next time. See, the pillars were almost damaged. It's wrong to damage the family's property."

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