Loneliness Led Me to Buy A Slave Harem…Now What…?

Buying slaves to fill the empty void in his heart wasn't the first thing Kaelor Starlin thought he'd do once his father died, but that's just what he ended up doing. With a new found wealth and a few beauties living under the same roof as him, the possibilities of what he could do with them are endless...yet he still doesn't know what he should do. But fate waits for no man. And while he is learning to live with these new girls, he's soon to learn that these girls have much more trailing behind them than he could've ever suspected.

Lennox_Perinox · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
10 Chs

Carnal Desire…or something else… (18+)

The elf girl let her clothes fall to the floor, pulled down my pants, and straddled my waist. I held her hips, caressing the soft skin of her stomach with my thumbs. A faint sweet scent emanated from her body.

Her breasts and bare skin were in full view. It wasn't my first time seeing it, but I had averted my eyes before without paying much attention. But now the beauty of hers radiated even past the dirtiness of having been locked up for so long.

I took in the view before eventually reaching out and grabbing one of her breasts and squeezing It gently.

It was soft. A softness I had also felt before. But I took in all the sensations this time, making sure not to be too rough. My hand sunk it, just barely, as I massaged them under my grip.

With my free hand, I reached underneath, where her exposed private parts were.

I'd never had sex or been this intimate with a woman before. But through word of mouth, I'd been taught what to do in a situation like this one. I always feared I wouldn't do well my first time, not wanting to disappoint my partner, but in this situation, I didn't really have to worry about that.

She was a slave. I had no obligation to make her feel good, and it's not like she could leave me if I disappointed her. But on the flip side, she'd done it with so many people, there was no doubt there had been some much worse at it than me.

On top of that, I personally couldn't just make it about myself either. As a man, and as someone who sympathized with the cruelty she'd probably endured from her other masters up till now, I couldn't be selfish.

The moment my thumb felt the soft, wet slit of her vagina, there was a warmth that ran up my hand. It wasn't a natural warmth, but much more magical in nature. Without much effort, my finger slipped inside, the wet walls nearly dragging me in. But before I could indulge in any more of that warmth, I pulled out my finger and began rubbing her clitoris.

For the entire time, the elf girl stayed emotionless.

No matter what I did, she didn't so much as moan.

I continued rubbing her chest and clit before she finally raised her hips.

My hard penis had been up against her for the entire time I'd been playing with her, so she knew I was more than ready. She raised herself until her opening was right up against the top of my dick and slowly began to lower herself, coiling around me with that unbelievable warmth.

Once she was to the base, she looked into my eyes with that same hollow expression. Without a word, she raised her hips a bit before dropping them again.

As it went in and out, I used both hands to rub her breasts, making sure to play with her nipples as well. I had this sudden urge to pull her in, but I restrained myself as I focused on the feeling of her vagina. The wet skin held on to my penis, refusing to let go as it was sliding out.

The small folds rubbing the crown of my penis sent a rush of euphoria up my spine. Was this the magical enchantment she was talking about? Or was it just the feeling of having sex? That I couldn't know.

It was unlike anything I'd felt before. I couldn't even think straight anymore.

She repeated this motion again and again, the wet noise of our bodies filling the room.

Eventually, the elf girl, after masterfully dropping her hips a few more times, took my entire dick inside of her and lowered her body to my own, her breasts pressing up against my chest. She brought her lips to my ear and whispered, "Fuck me hard." She then lightly bit my earlobe, making me lose all sense of reason.




I sat up and aggressively hugged her thin body, pushing her back first to the bed. I was on top now, and not even a second passed before I plunged my dick back inside her pussy. The squelching noises became louder. My hips moved on their own, reaching deep. Reaching for her womb.

Her tits jumped as we fucked. I reached out and squeezed them both, putting my mouth over her left nipple and sucking hard.

There wasn't a single thought in my mind anymore. Nothing but a carnal desire for her body.

Pulling my mouth away from her breasts, I instead kissed her, using my tongue to lick hers. She drank my saliva as we kissed, and her tongue began to reach into my mouth as if looking for more. But even through all of that, her eyes didn't change.

The overwhelming pleasure assaulting my being slowly began to reach its climax. My dick twitched, and the elf girl pulled away from my mouth. She breathed heavily as she spoke.

"Give me your cum…inside."

Like another switch had been flipped, my hips sped up. The bed creaked from the movement. I could feel her squishy insides churn with every insertion, love juices dripping from her opening. That same warmth from before got hotter, like it was using all the remaining energy to make me cum.

I sealed the elf girl's lips with my own once again and continued rubbing her breasts.

Finally, I felt the euphoria reach its peak, and with one last thrust, pushing myself as deep as I could, I came inside her. At the same time, the elf girl twitched, and her vagina squeezed hard like she was draining me of all the semen it could. I felt like I was cumming for a good ten seconds before it finally stopped.

The elf girl's body drained of tension, and I thought I saw a small smile reach her lips for a moment, before going back to normal.

"Did my insides feel good?"

"…yeah," I answered, pulling out my penis.


Almost instantly, the elf girl fell asleep.

She was in an awkward position with her head towards the foot of the bed, so I gently placed her head towards the top, still naked, and covered her up. Feeling exhausted, I lay down next to her, letting my consciousness slip.