Loneliness Led Me to Buy A Slave Harem…Now What…?

Buying slaves to fill the empty void in his heart wasn't the first thing Kaelor Starlin thought he'd do once his father died, but that's just what he ended up doing. With a new found wealth and a few beauties living under the same roof as him, the possibilities of what he could do with them are endless...yet he still doesn't know what he should do. But fate waits for no man. And while he is learning to live with these new girls, he's soon to learn that these girls have much more trailing behind them than he could've ever suspected.

Lennox_Perinox · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
10 Chs

Bathing Together, Bonding Together

Soon enough, all four girls were naked in front of me.

The twins had small frames, cute features, relatively small breasts, but very nice nipples. Pale skin with few, if any, imperfections. Like they were perfectly crafted from marble. Their pointy cat ears flattened in embarrassment as I stared at their bodies.

Red-haired girl had a full-on blush on her face. She covered her moderately sized chest with an arm, but all the cuts and scars were visible, all through her stomach, arms, and legs. Her well-toned muscles were in clear view. I got a sudden urge to touch her.

Thankfully, I looked away and faced the elf girl. Her body I was quite used to now. I felt my dick twitch as I recalled last night.

"All right, you girls go inside. I'll be there in a bit," I told them, realizing that I had to calm myself down before going into the bath.

The twins nodded and ran into the bath. The other two girls followed after.




"Hey, wait, you can't just jump in! Wash yourselves off first!"

The two similar-looking girls looked at **** with confusion. Their toes were already at the edge of the large five-by-three-meter bath, poking right over the clear water.

Having been part of the Celestias, she'd had the chance to take a dip in luxurious baths. Being from a poorer family, she never had access to those kinds of baths, it was a friend of hers, at least someone she considered a friend at the time, who taught her all there was to know about bathing in these kinds of places.

""What do you mean?"" They asked.

**** had noticed before, but it was kind of weird how they spoke in unison like that. It was like they were connected even in their minds. How could they say the exact same thing at the exact same time?

"Ugh…look come here," she grabbed the girls' shoulders and dragged them over to the side. Sitting on a stool, elegantly splashing water over her hair, was the elf girl who **** felt looked strangely familiar but couldn't figure out why. "Sit." She pushed the girls onto a stool each and then she sat on a stool of her own.

The twin girls still looked entirely confused. **** had no idea how old they were, but regardless of that, they were clearly not very bright. They did look kind of cute though. They almost reminded her of her sister…

"Just do what I do, okay?"

The girls nodded.

**** began to clean herself. She recalled the steps once thought to her. Even if the memory of the person was now painful, she couldn't lie and say she, in a way, didn't miss those days.

If only it hadn't ended the way it did.

If only that girl hadn't betrayed her.

Maybe she'd be out there being the hero she always wanted to be.

Living her dream.

""Are you okay miss?""

**** turned to the twins before realizing she was crying. Some of her tears were hidden by the water dripping from her bangs, but she could feel the heat at the edge of her eyes, and the knot twisting in her chest.

"Yes…I'm okay."

As she answered, the stool farthest from her pulled back and the elf girl stood. Now clean, the girl's body looked even more perfect than before. Her skin sparkled under the soft white light above. Those long pointy ears dripped water as she walked.

Like an elegant princess, she slowly stepped into the water, before eventually sinking up to her chest. Something about the way she carried herself tickled her memory, but before she could reach out to grab it—

""Miss, is there anything else we need to do?""

Snapping back to reality, **** looked at the twins. "Oh, there's just one last thing. Just stay there for a moment."

Standing up, **** walked behind the two girls and began scrubbing their backs. They twitched a bit, and a small giggle escaped both their mouths (also in sync weirdly enough).

"Sit still, there's just a little more."

""It tickles!""

A smile crept into ****'s face. It brought her back to the times she would wash her younger sister's back. Since they didn't have fancy baths like these, she had to make do with dropping water on her back as she scrubbed. Her sister would complain the water was too cold, but **** would always reply by saying 'We can't afford to heat it up right now, so just deal with it'.

She'd do anything to bring back those days.

It had been years since she last saw her sister. She didn't even know if her sister knew **** had been sold off into slavery.

What would she think of me now…?

"Okay, you're both good. Go on to the bath."

""Thank you!"" The girls said as they ran towards the bath.

**** kneeled down where she stood and sighed.

"Do you need someone to wash your back?"

"Huh?!" she let out. As she did, she fell backward but was caught by two arms wrapping over her chest. Her head landed on the shoulder of the man who had spoken by her ear. She turned her head to the right and his face was right there, next to hers.

She's been sold enough times to know that she shouldn't resist in moments like these. She knew he'd try to take her by force soon, she even suspected it might've been today, so this was directly something she expected. There was still the decision of activating Full Defence, but she'd have to decide that on the fly.

**** shut her eyes as she waited for him to make a move on her.

"So…do you or do you not?"

"Huh?" she let out again. Opening her eyes, she didn't find the beast-like gaze that she'd seen on the many other men who had bought her. Instead, there was a gentleness there. Whether real or fake wasn't entirely clear, but all she knew was that it was the first time she'd seen that on any of her masters.

"I asked if you needed help washing your back."

"O-Oh—y-yeah," she said without thinking.

Wait, what am I doing!

The man, Starlin, picked her up and helped her to the nearby stool. Once she sat, he began to softly scrub her back.

"I saw you help the twins out."

"…that's because they were just going to jump into the bath all dirty."

He laughed, "Yeah, I probably should've explained that to them first."

His light scrubs were just enough to feel good yet not soft enough to not be effective. He traced her muscles, following the spine, before reaching her lower back. She feared that he might keep going and get carried away, but instead, he began scrubbing back to the top.

"Well, thanks for helping them out. At least you're nicer to them than you are to me."

"That's cause you're an asshole."

"I've literally done nothing to you."

"No, but you were having your way with elf girl over there, weren't you? What's stopping you from doing that to me?"

His hands stopped for a moment. He seemingly thought something over before eventually continuing. "Her situation is…special. I know you're not going to believe me, but you can ask her for the details if you want. I'm sure she wouldn't mind telling you."

**** could definitely do that, but she felt like there was some kind of invisible wall between her and the elf girl. It was hard to approach her, and just being near her felt like an overwhelming pressure pushing down on her chest.

"All right, I'm done. You can go join the other girls now."

Still thinking it through, she stood and headed for the bath. There was enough space for everyone to be a decent bit away from each other, so there was no reason she had to be near the elf girl, but if she wanted to find out more as to why she looked so familiar and what was that supposed special situation.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to sit near the elf girl.




After washing myself down, I made my way towards the bath. Red-haired girl and elf girl were pretty close to each other, but neither spoke to the another. On the other hand, the twins were a little further away, close together and talking to each other.

Instead of choosing a side, the twins or the other two girls, I sat exactly in the middle.

But right away I saw that my efforts went to waste.

""Master!"" the twins yelled out as they splashed their way towards me. Once again, they put themselves one on each arm. However, now that they were naked, and I was sitting down, they had my entire arm against their bodies.

Each shoulder was squished in between each girl's chest, and my hands were dangerously close to their privates. I could even feel the slit as my hand sometimes brushed against them.

This…might've been a bad idea after all…