1 System Activated

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"Damn that old man, I shouldn't have trusted him!"

The fertile soil had long since turned into a desert, and the air had become distorted under the scorching sun. The last bit of moisture in Bick's body had also been squeezed out by the high temperature.

He was thirsty, hungry, and exhausted, but he did not dare to stop and rest.

That was because, less than ten meters behind him, there were seven or eight zombies that were hungrier than him, growling and chasing after him.

Although it had been almost a week since he transmigrated to this world, Bick still couldn't adapt to the cruelty of the apocalypse.

Even though in the apocalypse, the zombies behind him was more common than the sand beneath his feet, Bic still didn't dare to turn and fight back.

After all, all he had was a wooden stick that only serves to comfort He didn't even have a fruit knife. 

A week ago, Bick didn't offend anyone. He lived happily in a fat house. However, he somehow traveled to this horrible apocalyptic world.

After trudging in the desert for a few days, when Bick thought that the whole world had turned into zombies, a team came out from a nearby survivor base to search for supplies.

In his previous life, he had seen many zombie movies and Doomsday Comics. He knew that during the Doomsday, the original morality and laws didn't exist. They followed the laws of the Dark Forest.

Unfortunately, he hadn't experienced it personally at that time. He was tricked by the search team and used as bait to lure away the seven or eight zombies that were wandering around the gas station.

The search team, who had sworn to God that they would come to save him after searching the gas station, directly abandoned him.

"SH * T!" Bick cursed angrily.

When he thought about how the search team left with the oil barrel, pure water, and other supplies, he was still angry.

Fortunately, these ordinary zombies were not fast. Otherwise, he would have been eaten up long ago.

However, the endurance of these zombies seemed to be infinite.

Bick once watched a TV show. It said that on the African Prairie, the hunters of some tribes relied on jogging at a constant speed to tire their prey to death.

Now, Bick felt that he was that poor little prey that was about to die of exhaustion.

"I can't keep running like this. When my stamina is completely exhausted, I'll be dead for sure!"

Bick had watched a series of videos that talked about a thousand ways to die.

He had imagined all kinds of endings for himself. He could accept all kinds of endings, but he didn't want to be bitten by zombies and end up like them, wandering in the desert.

Soon, Bick's eyes lit up. He saw a large rock that weighed at least ten tons, and a small crack in the weathered crack.

Bick squeezed into the crack with all his strength. Soon, the zombies rushed over, trying their best to squeeze their arms and heads into the crack.

However, though it was difficult one person to pass through the crack, it was utterly impossible for seven or eight zombies to fit in all together.

"If only there was an exit on the other side, "Bick tried his best to hide in the crack and sighed with a bitter smile.

Although he couldn't escape, at least dying of hunger or thirst was better than being eaten by zombies.

After several days of hunger and thirst, coupled with the resentment of being abandoned by the search team, Bick looked at the seven or eight zombies who were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws. His heart was full of anger.

"Get... get out of here. This is my graveyard. Let me die in peace!"Bick held the wooden stick in his hand and stabbed the zombies outside without thinking.

If it were an ordinary person who was stabbed twice without thinking, they would definitely be chased away by Bick. However, the zombies didn't feel any pain at all.

On the contrary, because of Bick's provocation, they became even more agitated.

Seeing this, Bick took a deep breath and tried to stabilize himself. However, the rotten smell of zombies almost made him vomit out his gall bladder.

His two hands tightly grasped one end of the wooden stick, aiming at the eye socket of a zombie and poking it forcefully.

"Poof!" A muffled sound could be heard.

It felt as if the wooden stick poked into a rotten pumpkin. An indescribable smell spread out.

Bick retched for half a second before he was stunned.

That was because a translucent screen suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. It was a classic Windows 95 window.

"System activated, loading... 1% , 2% ... loading complete."

"By the way, shouldn't the system be a voice? Isn't it too retro for you to type each word on the text? "Looking at the lines of words that popped out one by one like an old typewriter, Bick couldn't help but complain.

It was already the end of the world, and he had killed a zombie with his own hands. It wasn't a big deal for him to have another system.

In fact, Bick even felt extremely excited.

A transmigrator with a system and a transmigrator without a system, how could they be treated the same?

However, his system didn't look too high-end, and he felt like he was selling goods on the street.

"The check-in system has been bound. Please complete your first lot." The system didn't care about Bick's sarcasm at all. It continued to slowly jump word by word.

"Check-in system? It seems to be pretty good. You get a reward every time you sign in. You don't have to work hard to complete the mission? !" Bick carefully checked the system's notification. He no longer felt that this system wasn't high-end enough.

"Check-in, check-in!"

"Beep! Check-in successful. Congratulations on getting a first-lot gift pack and a novice gift pack. Please check them as soon as possible."

Bick could not wait to accept the two big gift packs. He chose to open the first-lot gift pack. In an instant, he was surrounded by a thick sense of happiness.

"Woo Woo... it's actually a Mcdonald's deluxe set meal. Hamburgers, French fries, and cold coke!" Bick, who had not had a good meal for almost a week, ate more than half of a hamburger in one bite.

It wasn't like Bick was ignorant. If it were a week ago, in the safe society of his previous life, which was extremely rich in resources,

Mcdonald's would just be a working meal.

However, what kind of environment was this now!

Especially in the desert, where the temperature was at least 40 degrees Celsius what could be more blissful than drinking iced coke?

The key was that this was not just a deluxe set meal, but a total of ten servings.

Eating sparingly, Bick felt that he could last at least two weeks in this crevice.

Moreover, the rewards that he received from the system could be stored in the system.

When he needed them, he would take them out. The burgers and fries were still steaming hot, but the cola was still ice cold.

It was as if they had just been made.

"I wonder what reward the novice grand gift pack will give." With food and drinks, Bick was already confident, and very soon, he turned his attention to the novice grand gift pack.

"Beep, One Gurkha Saber, Winchester 1894,100 rounds of ammunition." As a third-rate military fan, the famous Winchester 1894, Bick was so happy that he almost jumped up.

In his previous life, it was not easy to get such an authentic Winchester 1894. Now, he could actually get it just by checking in.

With a Winchester 1894 in one hand and a Gurkha military knife in the other, Bick looked at the zombies who still did not know whether they were dead or alive.

He could not help but laugh out loud, "The apocalypse, I, BICK, AM HERE!"

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