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# VR # MMORPG #LOGINBEFOREHAND # STONEAGE Human Origin: Tribe was a virtual reality MMORPG. The player would start from the stone age, build tribes, and slowly develop their culture. It had attracted countless players of all ages on the day the game was launched and it quickly became the most popular game ever. However, no one knew that the game was actually created by aliens using a high-dimension technology called the Knowledge Child. Just a year after the game was launched, it started to devour reality. Chen Ran was a high-level player and was regressed back to the day before the launch. He was able to enter the game earlier than others. [SSS-grade Unit: Stainless Giant.] [Effect: Build 10000x faster and gives all the buildings a 10000x boost.] [SSS-grade Land: Elf’s Forest.] [Effect: Farming speed and production rate increased by 10000x.] [SSS-grade Wonder: Light of Civilization.] [Effect: 10000x increase for the land to philosophers, literateurs, scientists and other professionals that would lead the growth of a civilization.] He took all of those things before others could even learn of them. A year later, the game was finally officially launched. When the players logged into the game, they were dumbfounded by what they saw. “Are you sure this is the stone age?” Another year later, the aliens were about to invade Earth, thinking that the human civilization had collapsed. However, Chen Ran stood on top of one of the 10 thousand Star Destroyer Canon and yelled, “Don’t look down on us humans!”

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Purchasing Gaming Set-up

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Purchasing gaming equipment.


In the evening, the school bell rang.

In each classroom, many of the students who were originally listless immediately changed their dejection when they heard this heavenly noise. Their eyes lit up.

Su Ming was the same.

As soon as the school bell rang, he ran out of the classroom.

He wanted to go home!

He wanted to make money!

About twenty minutes later, Su Ming returned home.

Su Ming stopped in his tracks when he reached the door. He did not dare to open the door.

He was afraid that after he opened the door, everything he was experiencing now would just be an illusion before his death.

He was afraid that he would not see his parents and sister when he opened the door, and that he would wake up from this beautiful dream.


Finally, Su Ming took a deep breath and opened the door.

A fragrant meaty smell spread and circled around his nose.

Su Ming immediately moved his index finger and gulped.

As he entered the room, he heard a familiar and gentle voice.

It was his mother, Wang Yun's voice. "Xiaoshan, eat more. You're still growing."

"Aiya, mom, I can't eat anymore!" Su Xiaoshan complained.

'It seems that my parents are eating. I haven't eaten either!' Su Ming thought.

Su Ming's heart stirred and he crept closer to them, ready to give them a surprise.

He appeared in the living room with his parents' backs facing him. They only saw his sister holding a big chicken leg in one hand, her mouth glistening with oil, and there were still some meat crumbs on the corner of her mouth.

At that moment, Su Xiaoshan also noticed that Su Ming had returned home. Her quick-witted eyes immediately widened in disbelief.

That was because Su Ming was in his third year of high school. He usually stayed in school and would only go home on weekends, and today was only Wednesday.

His parents did not notice Su Xiaoshan's unusual behavior, nor did they notice that Su Ming had returned.

Mr. Su, which was Su Ming's father, picked up a piece of chicken leg and put it in Su Xiaoshan's bowl. He said, "What do you mean you can't eat? If your brother was here, with his appetite, you would only be able to eat chicken bones!"

"That's right. If your brother was here, I wouldn't have made so much delicious food!" Wang Yun continued and agreed.

Su Xiaoshan was stunned for a moment, but she did not say anything. She pursed her lips and gave Su Ming an awkward but polite smile.

Su Ming's face instantly darkened.

What did they mean?

'So I'm just a good-for-nothing in the eyes of the two elders!'

If it was not for the surprise visit today, he would not know how much special treatment his sister had compared to him!

Cough cough!

Su Ming coughed a few times.

The two old parents turned their heads around, and only then did they see Su Ming.

The two of them looked at each other and thought of the conversation they had just had.

Embarrassment flashed across their faces.

"Little brat, it's only Thursday today. Why are you home?"

Wang Yun asked with a calm expression, but the concern on her face could not be concealed.

She knew Su Ming's personality. He had been independent since he was young, and he would not return home unless something major happened.

Su Ming was just about to speak.

Su Ping darted him a look and said, "What else could it be? He's either in trouble or short of money!"

Su Ming pursed his lips and smiled. He gave Su Ping a thumbs up in his heart.

No one knew his son better than his father!

Ever since he was a child, Su Ping had always been able to guess what Su Ming was thinking.

Even though his thoughts had been guessed correctly, Su Ming would never admit it.

He walked over and sat down beside Su Xiaoshan.

"What? I just missed you two, so I came back to see you! Isn't there a song called 'Come Home Often'?"

Su Ming said with a smile.

"Fine, it seems that you finally know how to come home!" Su Ping smiled.

Su Ming chuckled but did not speak.

"Little sister, didn't you say you couldn't eat? It's okay, big brother will help you eat it all!"

As he spoke, he ignored the anger in Su Xiaoshan's eyes, picked up the chicken leg in her bowl, and took a big bite.

"It tastes so good!"

Su Ming complimented the food and finished off the chicken leg in no time.

With his participation, the entire dinner ended like a whirlwind.

After the meal, Su Ming returned to his room.

After fiddling with the wardrobe for a while, he took out a wooden box covered in dust.

He had saved up his savings over the years, and Su Ming had no idea how much he had.

He carefully opened it and began to count them one by one.

One hundred...

Two hundred...

A few minutes later, Su Ming lay paralyzed on the bed. He did not believe it and counted the numbers again before he finally confirmed it.

He had only saved up 5000 Yuan over the years. No, to be precise, it was only 4978 Yuan.

This amount of money was still far from enough to buy a gaming helmet.

What to do?

For a moment, Su Ming was in a dilemma.

At this moment, hurried footsteps suddenly sounded outside the door.

Before Su Ming could even react, the door was already opened.

A petite and pretty figure walked in and then closed the door with a bang.

"Brother, what are you doing...wow, brother, where did you get so much money?"

Su Xiaoshan's eyes lit up when she saw the stack of red notes in Su Ming's hand. She immediately pounced on him.

When Su Ming saw Su Xiaoshan, his face lit up with joy.

He had been worried about not having enough money, and here she was, a mobile ATM!

Under the ideology of his parents 'poor son and rich daughter', he knew that his sister was a rich woman!

As long as he could get his sister on his side, he would be able to obtain enough money for the gaming helmet!

"Ahem, Xiaoshan, I have something to tell you!"

Su Ming cleared his throat and looked at Su Xiaoshan's confused expression before he continued.

"Um...I have a friend...who came across a project. As long as he invests 30000 Yuan now, he'll be able to get a hundred times the return in a year, no, a month. But now, he's still short of 25000 Yuan."

"Sister, are you willing to help me... No, do you want me to invest with this friend?"

Su Ming said in a matter-of-fact manner.

Su Xiaoshan pursed her lips and looked straight into Su Ming's eyes as if she was trying to confirm the truth of the matter.


After a while, Su Xiaoshan could not help but laugh. "Brother, do I look stupid? You're not talking about yourself, right?"

"What? You don't believe me?"

Su Ming asked.

"Brother, what do you need so much money for?"

"Are you...in love? You want to buy something for your girlfriend?"

Su Xiaoshan rolled her eyes slyly and suddenly asked.

"You really want to know?" Su Ming asked.

"Of course!"

"Then don't tell our parents!"

"Brother, you know me. This is a secret between us. I will never tell anyone!"

"Alright!" Su Ming nodded to show that he believed her.

He immediately admitted that he was in a relationship.

Of course, this was just an excuse he used to fool his sister.

However, he did not expect that this would instantly arouse his sister's interest in gossip.

"Brother, is sister-in-law the long-legged girl from last time?"

Su Ming's face darkened and he shook his head.

Why did this little girl take it seriously!?

"Could it be the D cup girl from before?"

Su Ming's face turned even darker. He knocked her head and said angrily, "What nonsense are you saying? You're clearly talking about the same person!"

"Oh? Am I? So it's really her!"

Su Xiaoshan was suddenly enlightened, and she got the result she wanted.

However, this result made her pay a 'painful' price.

"Brother, I really don't have any money!"

"Then what's this 2000?"

"This is the money for my dress!"

"What do you mean for a dress? This is for your sister-in-law!"

After a moment, Su Ming walked out of Su Xiaoshan's room, satisfied, and returned to his own room.

From his sister, he had collected about 12000.

As expected of a rich lady!

However, this amount of money was not enough. Su Ming thought about it and walked into his father's room.

Su Ping was watching TV on the bed with his legs crossed. As soon as he saw his son come in, he knew why he came in. "Are you short of money to date?"

Su Ming's expression froze. He was still thinking of some excuses.

But now, Su Xiaoshan had already found one for him.

"Is a hundred enough?"

Su Ping asked calmly.

Su Ming smiled faintly. "The last time mom went back to her hometown, you and Uncle Wang went fishing for girls for a few consecutive nights. She doesn't know about it, does she?"

Su Ping put down his leg. His eyes were flickering. "A thousand?"

Su Ming shook his head. "A month ago, at night, you and Aunt Zhang..."

"Five thousand!" Su Ping sat up and looked at Su Ming. "I don't have any more!"

"Deal!" Su Ming smiled.

"I hope you can keep these things to yourself!"

Su Ping warned Su Ming as he placed 5000 Yuan in his palm.

"Dad, you know me. This is a secret between us. I will never tell anyone!"

Su Ming also nodded his head heavily and left the room.

As soon as he left the room, he saw Wang Yun returning with a large bag of vegetables that she had just bought.

Su Ming immediately went up to her. "Aiyo, mom, how can you suffer so much by carrying such a heavy bag? Give it to me!"

Once he took the vegetables, Su Ming put on a mysterious look and whispered into Wang Yun's ear, "Mom, let me tell you a secret. I'll tell you if you give me a little tip!

"Yes, it's about our dad. Didn't you go back to your hometown last time..."


A few minutes later, Su Ming returned to his room in satisfaction and closed his door. No matter how strong the wind and rain were outside, he still remained at ease.

After some hard work, he finally saved enough money to buy a gaming helmet.

He opened the game's official website.

[Place an order!]

[Payment method?]

[Cash on delivery!]