10 Forest of Elves, Mission Triggered

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The next day, when Su Ming entered the game again, the sky was already bright.

He had already simulated today's plan many times in his mind last night.

At that moment, Su Ming was filled with confidence.

However, there was still a problem.

Silver Wind Valley was very big, and Su Ming could not be sure of his location.

However, with the help of the two Horned Eagles, this was not a difficult task.

Under his orders, Big Eagle and Second Eagle carefully scouted the terrain of this area.

Of course, since he could also enjoy the view of the Horned Eagle, it did not take him long to find the mission location.

Half an hour later, Su Ming rode on Da Bai and headed toward the depths of the forest in the east.

The journey was even more difficult than Su Ming had imagined.

Not only did they have to cross mountains and rivers, but they also had to be on guard against the attacks of wild beasts hidden on the road.

After more than two hours, Su Ming's gaze focused and he suddenly made the White Tigers stop.

He rode on Da Bai's back and looked straight ahead.

There was a forest in front of them. The trees were particularly dense and lush, and they were filled with a rich life force.

At this time, a cold prompt sounded.

[Congratulations, you have discovered the hidden area map, Forest of Elves!]

"We've reached our destination!"

Su Ming mumbled to himsElf. His eyes were burning with passion.

Unable to contain his excitement, he ordered his pets to go in.

As soon as they entered the edge of the forest, the life force in the surroundings became even denser, making them feel particularly refreshed.

However, the surrounding trees were too dense, and it was difficult for sunlight to shine in. Everything seemed a little dark.

They slowly walked into the depths of the forest.

The surroundings were very quiet, and only the sound of them stepping on the dead branches and leaves could be heard.


Suddenly, there was the sound of something breaking through the air.

"It's dangerous!"

Su Ming's pupils shrank. He saw a sharp arrow flying toward him from the distance.


The next moment, the arrow pierced into the ground less than a meter in front of him.

"Human, go back. This is not a place you should be!"

At the same time, a gentle female voice was heard, filled with warning.

Su Ming lifted his head and looked in the direction of the voice.

The speaker stood on a branch with a longbow in her hand. She was wearing tight-fitting leather armor, which highlighted her exquisite figure.

The most eye-catching thing was that she had a pair of long, pointed ears, which made her look like an Elf.

Su Ming looked at the man's sharp gaze, but he did not panic. He chuckled and said, "Beautiful Elven lady, I have no ill intentions. I'm here to help the Elven race resolve this crisis!"

Hearing this, the female Elf's expression suddenly changed, and her gaze became somewhat cold.

"Human, what nonsense are you talking about? We Elves are content with this land and have no conflict with the world. How could there be a crisis?

"You...! Hurry up and leave this land!" After saying that, the female Elf nocked her arrow on the bowstring and made an attacking posture.

Su Ming looked at the sharp arrow that was aimed at him and was still shining with a cold light. He had no doubt that if she fired that arrow, he would die.

However, he was not nervous at all. Instead, he was full of confidence.

Combining his experience from his previous life and his own analysis, this female Elf was the key to triggering the quest.

And he already knew the trigger condition.

"If the Elves are not in danger, why..."

At that moment, Su Ming's expression was stern, and he said in an unquestionable tone.

"I heard the Tree of Life's painful cries!

"I see its leaves gradually withering!

"I can feel its life force gradually dissipating!"

With each sentence Su Ming said, the female Elf's expression changed, and gradually, disbelief and incredulity appeared on her face.

Everything the other party had said was true!

However, she did not understand how a weak human could know about the top secret of the Elven race, a secret that concerned the survival of the Elven race.

The change in the female Elf's expression was seen by Su Ming. He continued to say, "If Zelda knew that you rejected my offer, she would definitely punish you, Asher!"

The female Elf's eyes widened in confusion.

It had been thousands of years since the Elven race had left their home. How did this human know the Elven Queen's name?

He even knew her own name!

Could it be...

This man was the legendary prophet!

A great and respectable name suddenly appeared in Asher's mind.

A prophet possessed knowledge that was both ancient and modern. He was a wise man, the embodiment of wisdom, and had the ability to predict the future.

'Was this human really a prophet?

'But if he was not, why did he know the secret of the Elf race? why does he even know my name?'

Asher looked at Su Ming's profound gaze, and it was as if he could see through the truth of the world. He formed his own judgment based on what he had just said.

She jumped to the ground and arrived before Su Ming briskly. Then, she bowed with the most respectful manner of the Elves.

"Dear human prophet, Asher invites you to the Elf tribe!"

[Notification: You have triggered a hidden chain mission, save the Elves!]

[Mission description 1: The Elves seem to have encountered a tricky problem. You need to go to the Elf tribe and investigate it carefully.]

[Mission difficulty: Unknown]

[Mission reward: Unknown]

[Do you accept the mission?]

When he saw the sudden notification, Su Ming's heart was filled with joy.

He had finally triggered a mission!

"I accept!"

Su Ming accepted the task quietly, then said, "There's no time to lose. Hurry up and lead the way, Asher!"

"Please follow me!"

In the core of the Forest of Elves.

This place was full of birds, flowers, and vitality.

In the middle of the lake was a clear lake, and in the middle of the lake was a huge tree.

It was the Divine Tree of the Elves, the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life should have been full of life.

However, at this moment, a third of the leaves had withered, revealing the bare trunk.

Because of its withering, the entire Elven race was seriously affected.

Beside the lake, a little Elf girl of about seven or eight years old raised her head and looked at the withered Tree of Life with a pious expression.

She prayed softly, "Tree of God, Tree of God, I beg you to protect mother! Her condition is getting more and more serious. She's been unconscious for three days...

"Sister said that mom has been sick for more than ten years...

"Luya doesn't want to lose her mother! I don't want to become a child that no one wants!"

The little girl's eyes were filled with tears as she spoke, and tears rolled down her fair cheeks.

She was getting more and more depressed, and her voice was choked with sobs.

"Tree of God, Tree of God, didn't you want to protect us?

"Everyone says you're our guardian, but my mother...and so many brothers and sisters who have passed away, why aren't they protected by you?

"Divine Tree, Divine Tree, are you asleep? Quickly wake up! Everyone needs you!"

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