102 You Should Do The Breath Holding Practice, Darling.

Mu Yuhaan slowly steered his black Bugatti onto the ground of First People's Hospital, installed with hard and slip-resistant garage tiles with levant tread pattern on them. The car slid to stop with a very subtle screech, as if its wheel had been moving in the air all along.

Mian pressed the side buttons on the seat belt receptacle and following that, the silver latch plate opened from the buckle with a click and the webbing retracted into the retractor slot automatically. She locked it in place in the headliner of the car, before shifting her attention to her handsome driver.

"Bye. See you tomorrow." Mian caressed Mu Yuhaan's ear with her thumb, while four other fingers sank in his thick hair, as she tenderly said, "Sleep early, you have had a long day." Then, she turned her head the other side, pushed her long fingers inside the hollow in the door and tried to pull out the handle, only to find that the door was locked. "Yuhaan—"


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