1 The Pain, Residing Deep Within My Heart, Has Only One Language, Suffering.

A young woman, who appeared to be in her early twenties, with divine beauty, was sleeping on a feather bed, covered with luxury bed sheet with feather printed design.

Her chiseled features with feminine delicacy, complemented by snow-white skin, were showered by the rays of soft moonlight while the room was almost dark.

Why almost? Because a streak of light escaped from the brightly-lit corridor, and invaded into the darkness through the crack under the door.

Suddenly, a flash of bright light coming from a car's headlight, meant for illuminating the road, illumined her room.

The sleeping beauty stirred in her slumber, and opened her eyes slowly; as the head light of the car greeted her eyes directly. The one-off shade of brown found within her irises, gave off the most faithful and sincere vibes with a hint of innocence.

The avent winter was tempting her to sleep a little longer. However, the headlight was incandescing so brightly, to the point it began to appear blazingly intimidating.

Mian lifted the blanket to get outside, dragged her legs slowly towards the glass walls, and stared outside.

The scenery, beneath the vast sky, was exquisitely aesthetic and multifarious, and the flower beds of the more than billions of lavenders were conspicuous for their beauteous colouring. As far as one's vision could take him, there were lavenders and lavenders.

The rolling green hills surrounded by marvellous nearshore scenery, the fine colouring of the sea, lush forests, and rich vegetation offered unparalleled fascination, and picturesque views.

The ubiquitous, gigantic blue ocean pampered this land in his heart, protecting it from the evil world. Throughout the years, the little wife of the Ocean King procreated heterogeneous beauties, and assigned them over relatively short distances.

Amidst all, the modern magnetic mansion, which he personally designed, and where she was captivated at, stood proudly at the centre of the mountain range and blue ocean. The mountain summits, heighting over 800 feets, took all the merciless strikes of north's howling gales, guarding the mansion from freezing coldness like a lover.

In consequence of the mansion's matchlessly exceptional location, three way perfect travel system, and the coupling of mountain and ocean, it could have enjoyed the world's best repute as a top-notch holiday destination. However, this near the beach, up the alongshore, mansion was built for seclusion.

He once said, this villa was his love-token to her, and their love nest till death did them apart.

Nevertheless, at that particular moment, Mian's eyes weren't enjoying the exquisite surroundings, rather they lingered on the culprit with an empty look, that just woke her up.

A tall guy, donning a long sleeved white shirt embellished with subtle embroidery work near the collar, and a pair of black formal pants, descended from the car.

His features were, to a limited extent, illumined by the moonlight: a chiseled jaw and prominent cheekbones, dark eyes, piercing gaze and neatly trimmed, dark hair. The man even surpassed the standards of an ancient Greek God!

Only sangfroid kissed his handsome face when he extended his right palm, and a delicate olive-hued hand was placed on top of it almost immediately.

"Yuhaan Gege, will we be staying here tonight?" An attractive woman, like a red peony, asked with a touch of seductiveness.

Shark contrast to her timid, naive, shy personality, or rather, which she exhibited was her get-up. Instead of something a little more conservative and muted, she went with a dramatic, sexy bold red short dress with Chanel's latest perfume designed for only her.

Her walk and gesture were remarkably concupiscent; and it was actually a miracle that she fitted herself in the criteria of a cultural woman!

Every time Mian happened to encounter this woman, she felt every cell in her body scream in vengeance. Thus, she staved off gaze quickly away. Her eyes found their way to the man beside the woman.

Mian didn't hear what that other woman said.

The entire modern mansion was built with entirely sound-bullet-proof walls with triple glazed windows, which insulated against radio and electromagnetic interference.

Mian couldn't expect even a least degree of noise from outside, as blocking out these sound waves was the purpose of the soundproof system.

Nonetheless, she saw him shrug, a very quick movement, that perhaps satisfied the other woman. Ensuring which, Jing Lihua almost fell on his body, giggling, lust crossing her features.

Subconsciously, Mian's grip on the black-out and thermal crushed velvet curtain tightened. She looked at the tight-lipped silhouette with restless gaze, whose handsome profile were indecipherable, bathed under the moonlight. He was as unreadable as always.

Mian's overly compressed heart, pinned down by severe agony felt as though something was foretokening it, about an upcoming explosion that would shatter it into thousands of tiny pieces, if he did anything more. As heartbroken as she was, tears were sliding down her cheeks, but she neither went outside nor tried to confront him. No wonder she had been being tortured by a foreign anxiety since the evening, squeezing and sinking her heart constantly.

Her dear husband had finally submitted himself in another woman's embrace! Well, she couldn't really blame him, could she?

From Jing Lihua's body-clasping, supersport dress, sexually stimulating walk to the airbrushed make-up and sensual voice, nothing was spared from representing and screaming her lusciousness.

Which man could refrain himself from such a wildflower?

"The pain, residing deep within my heart, has only one language, suffering." Mian's delicate pink lips moved, and these words tumbled out painfully. Her accent was very unique, different from all, as if costom-made only for her soft voice.

She was totally debilitated when it came to effacing an woeful incident from her memory, even with many trials and difficulties. For sure, every bit of this incident would accompany her in the form of nightmares.

Mian didn't want to increase the number of her nightmares; she was afraid their lovey-dovey acts would put more weight on her already suffocating heart. Wanting to turn away from pain was a human instinct. At the end of the day, Mian was also a mere human made of blood and flesh.

Diverting her attention from people in front of her, she retraced her steps and was about to go back to her bed. However, her attention shifted to the maingate, empty of guards?!

How was it even possible? This was the place always tight with security, to the extent, even a mosquito couldn't pass through without being swatted.

Perhaps, finally he got bored of her and decided to let her go...

Realization washed over Mian taking turns with waves of pain and stupefaction. In a way that was the freedom she wanted, and yet it came with a very excruciating agony. Her eyes were swollen with tears but she still smiled.

"May God shower all of his blessings on you, and make your new life the most beautiful."

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