97 I Don't Want You To Talk To Any Other Man Without Necessary.

Mian snapped her head in Zhang Shen's direction, when the short loud noise struck her ears and realization did the same to her senses. Immediately, she tried to push Mu Yuhaan with both of her palms on his hard chest.

However, the ice block as always didn't budge, even an inch. How could he let her go when he was deprived of her warm embrace for seven days?! Above that, a filthy rat was there to covet his woman—how impudent! 

Mian, who was no match for this human version of Zeus, could only glare at him.

—Yuhaan, let go of me! Someone else is here...

Mu Yuhaan was also not happy. Was Mian unwilling to hug him in front of the filthy rat?! Why?! He glared back at her with the same fire in eyes.

—I'm not letting you go. It's his fault to be here in the first place.

—How can you be so shameless?


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